Fingerprint digital door lock
This is one of the best you can find around. It has touchscreen technology, dual security through secret numbers and different means to access it, including password, key, key card and a few different ways. This door lock also offers fingerprint authentication technology. They have an automatic lock option, so you will have no problem remembering whether you forgot to lock the door or not because the digital door lock will automatically lock on its own as soon as the door is closed.To get more news about best fingerprint door locks, you can visit official website.

Be-Tech High level biometric fingerprint digital door lock
This keyless fingerprint door lock has several authentication features and it also possesses an anti-fire and anti-shock structure. If for instance, something happens and the door lock stops working or maybe the battery is weak, then, you can always use the traditional mechanical key until you fix the battery problem. This strong durable lock will last for a long time, and its durable body parts will protect your home and properties.
Fingerprint sensor
One of the most secured door locks on the lock market is no doubt the fingerprint sensor which is accurate and it can store and access different fingerprints more than enough. It is also very simple to connect and install, with settings that are easy to pick up and do. It functions in dark places as well, which enables this Fingerprint sensor to work late in the dead of night too.
One special feature that makes this fingerprint lock stand out is that it can store and access fingerprint users and password users. You will also have possession of 2 backup regular keys and low battery power warning indicator. It is run by 4 AA batteries and that is sufficient enough to be unlocked 5,000 times.
The Future of Biometric Technology
While fingerprint locks are becoming increasingly popular for securing homes and businesses, other biometric locks are emerging, as well. Here’s a look at the future of these keyless door locks:

Voice Recognition Locks

Like fingerprints, our voices have unique characteristics that render them difficult to duplicate. Voice recognition locks are designed to analyze specific vocal traits, such as texture and pronunciation. This advanced technology is used in other applications, too, including cell phones, ATMs, automobiles, and computers.

Retinal Scanning Locks

Remember that scene in “Demolition Man” when Wesley Snipes’ character escapes from captivity using a retinal scanner? Well, this same technology is being developed in deadbolts. Retinal scanning locks are still somewhat of a novelty item, but these keyless door locks could soon be on every front door in the foreseeable future.

Facial Recognition Locks

Some biometric locks can identify an authorized user simply by scanning the individual’s face. Known as facial recognition, these locks only require a user to look into a machine—there’s no physical contact required. Despite the fact that these locks are largely unknown to the public, facial recognition locks are currently available for both commercial and residential applications. Only time will tell if these state-of-the-art locks will become the next standard in home security.