The Mahindra 475 di XP Plus is a powerful and durable 2WD tractor with a 44 Hp 4-cylinder engine generating 2000 RPM. It is specifically designed for farmers with small to large agricultural land, offering high performance and increased productivity. Mahindra 475 tractor comes with a price range of Rs. 6.70 lakh* to 7.20 lakh* in India in 2024. One of the key features of the Mahindra 475 DI xp plus is its low fuel consumption engine, which allows for efficient work in all conditions. The tractor also boasts 8F + 2R gears, dual-acting power, and manual steering, making it flexible and comfortable to use. It has a modern design with attractive features such as chrome finish headlamps, an attractive front grill, and a stylish decal design. Not only does the Mahindra 475 di XP Plus offer power and performance, but it also provides a comfortable seating arrangement, easy-reach levers, an LCD cluster panel, and a large-diameter steering wheel for flexible movement. The tractor is equipped with multi-disk oil-immersed brakes for better braking performance and longer brake life.