Different types of rings can be made from a wide variety of materials.  Rings come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can be worn on the fingers, toes, or as part of a necklace or bracelet. There are many different types of rings available, and each has its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of rings: wedding bands, engagement rings, watches, and earrings.

Learn about the different types of rings and their meaning so that you can choose the perfect accessory to complement your outfit.

Purity ring

It is a ring that symbolizes that the person has decided to wait for the arrival of the love of her life and keep her virginity until getting married. It is a band that can be engraved with a message that true love can wait.

Engagement ring

It is the one that a person gives to his partner when he asks for marriage. The most common ring of this type has a central gem, but there are also those that, in addition to the central gem, have diamonds on the sides or around it.

Wedding ring

This ring is also known as an alliance. It is commonly made smooth on the outside, it does not have embedded gems, but it is engraved on the inside with the name of the couple and symbolizes that the person is married.

Eternity Ring

This ring is in the shape of a band and is encrusted with a row of gems on the entire outer surface. It is delivered after 10 years of marriage or when having a child and its meaning is love that does not end.

Halo ring

It is decorated with a gem in the center and a row or two of gems around the main one. This ring is designed in such a way that it strikes the eye.

Toi et Moi Ring

It is characterized because it has two gems of different colors located one in front of the other and its meaning is that two people are together despite being different in their personality and thus, they are complementary.

Less common types of rings

Graduation ring: It is a ring that can be personalized, but that generally bears the insignia of the university and the school year. The central gem bears the distinctive color of the profession.

Championship Ring: Given to the winner in a sport.

Cocktail ring: It is a large ring that attracts a lot of attention. It has bright colored gems and is used for evening events.

Trilogy Ring: It is a ring that is decorated with three central gems. When a person gives it as a gift, it means that it symbolizes that the other person is his present from him, his past and his future from him.

Midi or knuckle ring: These are the rings that are used in the second joint of the finger, therefore, they are smaller than the normal ones and are usually less thick.

Fisherman’s ring: It is the one used by the Pope.

Brass knuckles or brass knuckle rings: This ring is made up of four rings together and adorned with a figure so that it sits on the front of the hand and hides the rings. With this ring all the fingers are together except the thumb.

Articulated rings: They cover an entire finger, but they have to be made in parts and joined in such a way that they can give mobility to the finger where they are placed.

Crown ring: It is very fashionable for its meaning of power or royalty. It is a miniature crown.

Signet ring: It was the one used by royalty to seal documents.

Wedding bands are the simplest type of ring. They’re usually made from metal but can also be made from other materials like plastic or even stone. Wedding bands serve as a symbol of commitment between two people, and they’re often given to couples when they get married. Engagement rings are similar to wedding bands but typically have a larger diamond size. Pendants