In sure circumstances, Botox injections aren't recommended, inclusive of if:

you've got got a pores and skin infection
you are sick in any way
you've got got a neuromuscular situation like myasthenia gravis
you take sure medicines
you are pregnant or breastfeeding
What having Botox involves
Your face may be wiped clean and botulinum toxin may be injected into muscle tissues to your face the usage of a totally satisfactory needle.

You'll want injections in one of a kind places, relying at the vicinity being treated. You'll be requested to transport the muscle tissues to your face to assist locate the high-quality area for the injections.

It typically takes approximately 10 minutes.

You will now no longer see a extrade directly away. It takes approximately 2 or three days to begin running, and a pair of to three weeks to look the total effect.

Do now no longer rubdown or rub your face for three days. Also, keep away from energetic exercise, sunbathing (inclusive of the usage of sunbeds), and the sauna for two days. Your practitioner need to be capable of provide you with extra recommendation approximately what you need to and need to now no longer do.

The consequences typically ultimate for approximately three or four months. If you've got got Botox injections again, you need to wait as a minimum three months. It may prevent running when you have it too often.

The dangers of Botox injections are small if it is completed effectively through a definitely certified practitioner. Speak in your practitioner approximately the dangers.

After remedy you can have:

a headache and flu-like signs for the primary 24 hours
bruising, swelling and redness wherein the needles went withinside the pores and skin
a frozen look – you won't be capable of circulate the muscle tissues to your face if an excessive amount of Botox is injected
transient weak spot and droopiness to your face – for example, your eyelids or eyebrows may also hunch if the Botox actions into those areas
Very rarely, critical issues which includes blurred or double imaginative and prescient can show up if the vicinity across the eyes is treated, or respiration problems if the neck vicinity is injected.

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