Key Components of Composable Content Operations


Creating CX is a brand differentiator. Great content is how you create these experiences. What are the major components of composable content operations? Creating a great customer experience is the competitive differentiator for your brand. Great content is how you create these experiences, how you interact with your customers, and how you engage them in omnichannel conversations. That means the pressure is on for your brand to continuously deliver relevant, engaging content to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel.


To keep pace with these digital demands, content needs to be understood as a strategic component to the business and operationalized in a way that drives strategy, inspiration, and collaboration. Brands are adopting content operations, a framework for how to create the content that powers customer experiences – across channels and platforms. No matter where you reside in the business – marketing, sales, HR, product strategy, R&D, etc. – everyone is affected by the content and digital experiences built through content ops.


Supporting an integrated ecosystem - Delivering relevant, omnichannel customer experiences requires that organizations utilize an unprecedented level of solutions—and integration support for them – to better manage and connect their data, workflows, and content.


Supporting the full content lifecycle–from upstream creative to downstream delivery - Marketers are responsible for the cumulative experience audiences have across the customer’s journey. The full content lifecycle must be managed and scaled to ensure superior brand experiences.


Using AI and automation to deliver omnichannel experiences at scale - Industry experts like Forrester Research agree that not all content needs to be created by humans – nor should it be. AI and automation can help teams eliminate the work about work, so they can focus their efforts on more strategic opportunities to move the brand forward.


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