The Pop Hybrid Grip 5500 Puff Rechargeable Vape Device comes in a pack of 10. This is a 5500-puff capacity disposable vape with a 1000mAh battery at 12ml of vape liquid. Equipped with the latest mesh coil technology, this device offers rechargeability in case the battery runs out before you fully use the e-liquid. This disposable vape device has enough power to deliver excellent flavor without any charging or complicated settings.

  • Beanbags: 5500+
  • Rechargeable vape device with triple coil technology and mini USB port.
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • 20mg hybrid nicotine salt-based e-liquid.
  • Capacity: 12ml.
  • Battery: 1000mAh.

It comes in the following 12 flavors:

  • Cotton Floss - Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Our Carnival Cotton Candy

  • Iced Jelly Tots - It Blends A Variety Of Flavors, Confusing The Taste Buds, Yet Dazzling Them

  • Iced Tropical Blue Razz - Sweet And Mellow Blue Raz With Undertones Of Strawberries And Pineapple And A Splash Of Cool Ice

  • Mystery Swirl - A Mystery Flavor That's Combined With Sweet Candy Flavoring That Will Have You Guessing

  • Strawberry Daiquiri - A Summertime Favorite Flavor That's Refreshing, A Delicious Combination Of Sweet Strawberries And A Splash Of Rum

  • Summer Berries - Take A Break With Mystical Blue Raspberries Blended To Perfection With Sweet Strawberries And A Spritz Of Lemon

  • Watermelon Apple - A Perfect Amalgamation Of Juicy Watermelon And Ripe Apples

  • Iced Blackberry - Hand-Picked Wild Blackberry Blended With Cool Icy Mint

  • Wild Berry Skittles - A Delicious Blend Of Berries Mixed With Sweet And Sour Candy

  • Iced Mango Pineapple - These Two Flavors Come Together Beautifully To Give An Electrifying Flavors

  • Strawberry Watermelon - The Ultimate Combination Of Sweet Strawberries And Watermelon That Makes For The Perfect All Day Vape

  • Peppermint - This Offers You The Traditional Peppermint Flavor That You Love