Have you ever wondered where the seamless rolled rings used in a variety of machines came from? You're not alone. Skilled metal workers using a specialized process create these durable metal products. These circular metallic products may be made from carbon, alloy, or stainless steel. They may also be made from titanium, aluminum, or nickel alloy. They vary in sizes depending on what they're being used for. They are used in a variety of industries.

Titanium Tube

The individuals who forge steel are metal workers. In order to become employed in this field, individuals have to graduate from high school, then go to trade school or become an apprentice. Apprentices work from one to four years before becoming journeymen. The work environment for a forger is usually inside a shop using tools such as hammers, screws, nails, dies, presses, and furnaces. The process of forging involves shaping the metal by hammering it, pressing it, or molding it into the desired shape. Often heat is applied from a furnace, although some processes don't require the use of heat. In the olden days, blacksmiths did similar work but the items they produced were not as durable or uniform.

Industries that utilize seamless rolled rings are varied and include gas and oil workers, shipbuilders, aircraft manufacturers, heating system manufacturers, and those who use valves in manufacturing engines. In the oil industry, parts are needed for fracking, subsea, and surface exploration. Fracking is the nickname for hydraulic fracturing. This is a relatively new technique that involves shooting large volumes of water at high pressure through metal pipes beneath the earth's surface in order to extract oil. Subsea and surface gas and oil exploration require durable metal products that can withstand the elements and pressure. Aircraft and vehicle engines also must contain parts that are made from the most durable metals in order to create safe, functional vehicles. Heating and air systems also utilize forged parts.

Titanium Sheet

Metal can be forged into a variety of shapes for multiple purposes other than seamless rolled rings. For example, cylinders, flanged connectors, bars, tubes, and pipes are made from this metalworking technique. Shafts, pumps, bearings, stabilizers, and hubs are also made from one of the alloys and metals. These parts are available through forge shops online or in person.

Skilled craftsmen should create seamless rolled rings in order to have the strongest, most reliable products available. Whether you are buying parts for aircraft, ships, oil wells, HVAC systems, or any other machinery, it's important to know your manufacturer. Deal with a reputable company that has the experience, skill, and the products you're looking for.