On top of that was the anger at how he refused for a return to the field even in the middle of losing the playoffs with the Madden 23 coins. In a time when there was a need for even and trust built both sides but the Cardinals included this clause and ruined it all. Perceptions have been reset and the notion that Murray does not work hard enough -- or has to be ordered to "love" football (a long-running pre-draft penalty due to his interest in baseball) is back in the spotlight.

The Arizona Cardinals made Kyler Murray one of the highest-paid quarterbacks of Madden NFL 23 on Thursday signing a new five-year agreement worth $230M with $160 million guaranteed. It's true. He's worth it. Murray can cause a lot of anxiety when it concerns Madden NFL 23 fans. There were a lot of angry responses regarding Murray when I announced that he was one of the Top 5 quarterbacks of the NFL on my 2022 rankings. These ratings were based on physical skill, intangibles as well as the cast of support around the quarterback, to gauge their likelihood of success the upcoming season.

To that end, he passes every single test. The main criticism for Murray comes from the assertion that Murray "quit" from the team as he didn't want to play in a playoff match against the Rams with just 1:05 remaining, down 34-11. in a game where he was pressured on 29.7 percent of his dropbacks. We frequently praise quarterbacks for their ability to think on their feet, and that was an intelligent choice. It may not be a good fit with the exaggerated football slur regarding "self sacrifice" but nothing Murray could be doing would have changed this game around in the face of those who would become Super Bowl champions, and suffering injuries could have been dangerous.

But it appears that the death deck and the overall stadium design might never happen. The Bears appear to be determined on becoming part of the Cowboys, Commanders, Patriots and 49ers who left the city and moved out to the suburbs. The team is investing into the Arlington Heights area, roughly 25 miles from downtown Chicago. When asked about the Solider Field renovation plans in the Chicago Tribune, the Bears shot down any interest.

"The only option the Chicago Bears are exploring for developing a new stadium includes Arlington Park. In accordance with our mutual agreement with the seller of that property, we are not exploring other stadium opportunities or sites, including renovations to Soldier Field, while we are under contract," the Bears stated. "We have advised to the City of Chicago that we're planning to honor our contractual commitments as we carry on our due diligence as well as predevelopment activities regarding the Arlington Heights property."

We may never have a look at the new design of Solider Field, or the death-deck made of glass -- but we'll be able to recall the experiences. We're starting to see players' ratings begin to be released in Madden 23 with EA Sports unveiling the complete list of wide receivers and tight ends in this year's game. Although there are many that were logically based off recent performances and the promise of the 2022 buy mut coins madden 23 season however, there are some who cause me to be irrationally angry. It's time we look at our Top 10 lists at both WR and TE this year and then break down those players who were targeted.