To configure your Wavlink AC1200 device by the on-screen instructions, you are required to access the online setup portal. You may instantly visit that window using any of these two methods, often known as addresses. Access to the website can be gained in one of two ways: through for web addresses or through IP addresses for all other addresses. When you search for them using the online browser on your smartphone, the window to enter your login information will open on the screen before any of them do. After demanding that you input the default login information for your Wavlink AC1200 device, this will eventually send you to the page where you can proceed to the Wavlink AC1200 Setup process. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to access the web portal in this manner, you can try accessing it using a different method instead. Utilizing the IP address and doing a search for it utilizing the same methodology as that of the site address is required to accomplish this task. As a consequence of this, the window for configuring the WiFi repeater using the address will be displayed to you on the following page.