Introduction of mesh atomizer:

Shenzhen Fitconn Technology is a company mainly engaged in medical equipment established in 2012 (its predecessor, Fuer Industrial Co., Ltd., was established in Hong Kong in 2007). This mesh nebulizer is a medical device that converts liquid medicine into aerosol particles through mesh holes. For some patients with severe cough, if they are often infused with fluids, it is easy to weaken the body's immunity. In this case, doctors will often use a nebulizer when nebulizing patients and friends at this time. It is intended to be used to aerosolize liquid medicines for inhalation therapy of patients. Mesh nebulizer, compared with medical nebulizer, is the world's smallest and lightest nebulizer with micro-porous direct atomization technology, tiny particles (3-5 microns), almost no residual liquid, ultra-high silence, low Power consumption, built-in lithium battery, mini design, easy to carry.

mesh atomizer describe:

Mesh Nebulizer Products: The core feature of MY-125 is simple inhalation therapy anytime, anywhere.

(1) The volume of the product from the host is about 113 grams (without battery); it is small and light, and can be carried at any time.

structure to form ultra-fine particles of about 2.7um to achieve high-efficiency spraying effect. Scientific structure, realize multi-angle inhalation, atomization rate ≥ 0.3mL/min When the patient is lying down, the silent design can also operate effectively. It is important that the drug ingredient reaches the affected area depending on the size of the spray particle size, and the smaller the particle, the deeper the area it reaches.

(2) Inhalation accessories include, but are not limited to, mouthpieces, inhalation masks, extensions between built-in liquid containers and the application site.

Pipes, adapters, fog cans.

(3) The mesh nebulizer consists of a main unit, a liquid container, a power adapter and inhalation accessories. The host includes a control part, the liquid reservoir is equipped with an atomizing device, the host and the liquid reservoir are connected by a signal transmission line, and the inhalation accessories include a suction nozzle and an inhalation mask.

(4) After each operation, rinse the pipe, mask and atomizer cup with water, then scald it with boiling water. The cleaning method is very convenient.

Mesh atomizer product features:

Mesh Compressor nebulizer are used in many places because they are so easy to operate. Patients and friends can sit and lie down while nebulizing. The patient's friend needs to put the nebulizer mask filled with medicinal liquid on the mouth and nose, and then the doctor turns on the switch of the nebulizer, and the nebulization can be performed.

Of course, home medix nebulizer are also relatively common. Mesh nebulizers work similarly to compression nebulizers, but are more convenient to operate. Of course, many hospitals also use mesh nebulizers. Because of their convenience and cost savings, most medical institutions have begun to use mesh nebulizers.

The mesh atomizer sprays the liquid medicine from the holes of the nozzle mesh nozzle through the up and down vibration of the vibrator, and sprays through the micro ultrasonic vibration and the mesh nozzle structure.

Compared with ordinary ultrasonic Compressor nebulizer, it can also spray with low energy and can produce fine particles. Compared with medical nebulizers, it is the smallest and lightest nebulizer in the world, with compression type and ultrasonic type. The advantages are small size, easy to carry, easy to use, and good mute effect during use.

Mesh Compressor nebulizer For Sale:

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