There are many materials that can be used in landmark signage project. Generally, we will be divided into metal, wood, plastic and stone. Each material has its own characteristics, none is the best, but it is the most suitable.

We know that landmark signage project is a supplementary explanation of landscape, architecture and environment. Therefore, the material selection of landmark signage project also needs to be adapted to local conditions. Only by choosing some more appropriate materials, can it have functionality and long-term operation. The following is a detailed description of metal materials, wood and stone:

Metal materials mainly include steel structure, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy copper, etc., in the sign system, the metal material performance effect is more superior, valuable characteristics. Because of the nature of the material itself, it can be made into a variety of shapes according to needs, producing different visual effects, demonstrating the corporate image is very powerful, and the life is still relatively long, the requirements for the environment are not high or even permanent, but the price is relatively high, usually outdoor traffic signs, the spiritual fortress of the enterprise, Permanent signs, totems, mascots, scenic signs and so on.

landmark signage project materials Wood, wood mainly includes natural wood, panels, bamboo, etc. Wood is often used in the production of landmark signage project. It has heavy and natural characteristics, and at the same time has a strong natural atmosphere. It is easy to integrate into the environment, but its disadvantage is that it is very easy to appear weathering and corrosion. Based on this feature, the wood is more indoors, after treatment will be used outdoors in harsh weather conditions, at that time, the emphasis was on the quality standards of preservative wood.

Stone including marble, granite, gypsum, concrete, tile, PVC bricks and so on. This kind of material is not easy to corrode, and relatively strong, with atmospheric, eternal characteristics. The texture of the stone has a natural beauty and can produce a rich variety of collage effects, which is very suitable for outdoor signs or sign construction.

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