To open an online store, a business must choose the right e-commerce platform. Many platforms let you set up an online store for free, while other platforms charge you. With Prestashop, one of the free, open-source platforms, you can make a great online store.

Prestashop development comes with a lot of free features and can be changed in a lot of ways. You can easily make an online store that fits the needs of your business. If you have a small or medium-sized eCommerce business, you can use Prestashop. In addition to being easy to use and build, it also works with multiple languages and currencies.

Criteria for choosing the best PrestaShop template + some tips

In the official Prestashop marketplace, you can find more than 1,500 templates and a wide range of themes that are easy to change. Most of these templates were made by people other than us, which is why some of them cost money. Make sure your theme, whether it's a paid or free one, meets these requirements:

Load speed

Making a website requires a plan that has been well thought out. One of these key points is to think about how people will find your website. As we've already talked about, a responsive website works on mobile devices.


Your websites should work with all browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera). Several online tools can help you find out if your browser is compatible.

Responsive design

Do you carry a PC or laptop with you all the time? Most likely not. Why would you do that? When you have a smartphone that is ten times lighter than one that weighs several pounds, you don't need to carry several pounds of steel and plastic.

Updated template

Developers can add their own code to PrestaShop to make it work better. You could make a special section to show product videos, add different payment and shipping gateways, add customized modules, add a blog, etc. You can always ask the person who made the theme or a company rep for a list of the template's extra features. It is also important to write about them in the paperwork.

PrestaShop version

Is it possible to buy a house that you can't change or fix up? The same thing is happening as before. Make sure you know what you are allowed to change and what you are not. You should choose a theme that you can change pixel by pixel.


Okay, so you can change every part of the theme. But what will you change? Did developers add extra tools to make it easier for end users to make simple changes without having to deal with code?


Before you choose a theme, check out what other Prestashop users have said about it. This step tries to figure out if the theme can be used for your store, if it is responsive, and if you need technical skills to install it.

Multi Language Support/Translation (Localization)

You can switch between different languages on the PrestaShop templates. English, Italian, German, Russian, and French are some of the language options.

In All of Our Premium Prestashop Templates. We Have a Back-Office Option Where You Can Install Any Language Package You Want and Then Translate the Theme and Module. You Can Use Our Module One Translate - Prestashop Translate Module to Translate the Whole Website.

Optimized for SEO

SEO-friendly With PrestaShop Themes, you can upload content that search engines like. It also raises your search engine rankings, which brings more people to your store who found you on their own.

List of Top 5 Prestashop Themes:

Electron Mega Electronic Super Store 


Electron is the best choice if you own a store that sells electronics. With this responsive Prestashop theme, you can sell fashion, clothing, accessories, and other items where you need to list more than one of the same item. It works on all devices and is responsive, easy to use, and looks good. In addition to a photo gallery, ajax cart, manufacturer display, features homepage categories, and product-related links like comparisons, wishlists, and sliders, the most important basic features are a photo gallery, ajax cart, and a product comparison tool.


Electron PrestaShop Theme has templates in more than 18 different styles. All of them are good for different things. You can also get free updates and support that you can count on. ThemeVolty is where most people get help with their services.

KKILLUR Mega Fashion–Clothes Super Store 


Premium Responsive PrestaShop Theme KKILLUR Mega Fashion-Clothes Super Store has a smart and flexible design. Any kind of store that sells many different things, like shoes, clothes, kids' clothes, accessories, bags, a minimum, or a mega. The product can be used for both clothes and things for the house. Aside from being easy to use, the theme is also good for SEO and has quick support.

Toolza Mega Tools Store 


Toolza Mega-Tools and Machine Super Store v3 Premium Responsive Theme is a great theme for tool shops because it has a smart and flexible design. This template is great for stores that sell tools, accessories, cars, motorcycles, machines, and cars. Toolza is very fast because it works with GTmatrix and Google PageSpeed. Every site has more than 35 modules built in, and the text and colors can be changed.

Sephoria Mega Bio Cosmetic Store 


With the Sephoria Mega Bio-Cosmetics Health-Beauty Super Store Premium Responsive Theme Prestashop, you can make a store that sells health and beauty products that is both flexible and stylish. With material font icons and SVG files, it gives all devices an HD look. This system is fully dynamic and can work with a number of languages and stores. With top caching and automatic file compression, the IT system is set up to work as quickly as possible.

Lacausa Mega Fashion Super Store 


As a theme, Lacausa Mega Fashion-Clothes Shoes-Footwear Super Store can offer fashion and clothing accessories. It gives you the easiest way to set up your BackOffice and makes it easy to change the background images, patterns, and colors.