Choosing the right beach toys can be a fun way to protect your children from harmful chemicals found in some plastic toys. So, we should choose the right beach toys for your kids carefully.

Neoprene is known for its durability and resistance to abrasion, tearing. And it is soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear against the skin. Therefore, choosing beach toys which are made of neoprene is good for your kids’ health. We would like to share some right beach toys for your reference.

1.Neoprene Beach Ball

The Neo-Splash All-Purpose Ball is great for water polo, volleyball and even soccer! This ultra, all-weather ball has neoprene skin that doesn't absorb water! Beach balls can promote teamwork and communication.

2.Neoprene Paddle Set

2pcs paddle + 1 pc PVC ball as a paddle set, each play takes a paddle and hit the ball to each other. soft & light weight paddles are friendly for kids in different age groups.

3.Neoprene Flying Disk

Easy to grip, soft, salt-water resistant flying disc, neoprene flying disks are typically soft and lightweight, making them safe for kids to play with. They're also durable and resistant to damage, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for outdoor playtime.

Overall, choosing neoprene beach toys are good for your kids.