Introduction About Geoffrey Kondogbia

Geoffrey Kondogbia, born on the 15th of February, 1993, has established himself as a formidable presence in the heart of the midfield. As the current captain of the Central African Republic national team and a key player for Ligue 1's Marseille, Kondogbia's versatility allows him to excel not only as a defensive midfielder but also as a capable centre-back or left-back when required. His leadership on the pitch and robust playing style are instrumental to the teams he represents, underlining his importance as a central figure in both club and international football.

Kondogbia's journey to becoming a prominent midfielder began at Lens, a tenure that paved the way for a move to Sevilla at the tender age of 19. His talent quickly became apparent, and Monaco secured his services in 2013 for €20 million. Kondogbia's career trajectory continued upward, leading to a significant transfer to Inter Milan for €31 million. Through his time with these clubs, Kondogbia honed his skills, developing a reputation for his physicality, tactical intelligence, and the ability to break up opposition plays effectively.

Beyond his club commitments, Kondogbia has also made noteworthy contributions on the international stage. Initially representing France, he played in 57 matches across various youth levels before making his senior debut in 2013. However, in a bold move that reflected his heritage, he switched allegiances to the Central African Republic in August 2018. Since then, Kondogbia has proudly captained his national team, bringing the same level of dedication and excellence that he is known for at the club level. His football journey is marked by significant successes, including winning the Copa del Rey with Valencia in 2019 and clinching La Liga with Atlético Madrid in the 2020 season, further cementing his status as a top-tier center midfielder in the world of football.

Geoffrey Kondogbia's UEL RTTF - Europa card

In the dynamic world of FIFA Ultimate Team, Geoffrey Kondogbia's UEL RTTF - Europa card stands out as a formidable choice for any midfield line-up. With an impressive overall rating of 88, this Center Midfielder card boasts a well-rounded skill set, including a pace rating of 84, which allows him to keep up with fast attackers, and a physicality rating of 90, ensuring he dominates in challenges. His shooting and passing ratings of 79 and 83, respectively, make him a threat from distance and a reliable distributor of the ball. Additionally, his dribbling rating of 83 allows for smooth transitions through tight spaces, and a defense rating of 87 means he's a stalwart presence in front of the backline. Kondogbia's UEL RTTF card offers a unique advantage for players looking to reinforce their midfield with a player who can not only disrupt opposing offenses but also contribute to building up play and potentially change the course of the game with decisive actions on both ends of the pitch.

How to Obtain Geoffrey Kondogbia's Player Card

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