Certainty of outcomes – Only goal that matters for marketers


Certainty of outcomes – what does it mean to you? And in percentage terms, how close does your marketing strategy get to achieving certainty? As we face a future of continued economic uncertainty, In this article I will outline some high-level ways to make those crucial steps towards achieving certainty of outcomes for marketers. I believe that the marketers that will lead the way are the ones that can deliver certainty about the outcome of every single marketing action that they undertake for their brands.


Ask yourself the following questions: How certain are you about where demand exists for your product? How certain are you that the marketing investment you are making will convert into immediate sales and long-term growth? Ultimately, the ecosystem that you choose holds the key to understanding the impact of your marketing strategy on business growth. That will help you to shift the marketing function from acting in a mere support role, to gaining a central voice at the strategy table.


In the Ecommerce space, where ROI is squeezed and competition is astronomical, the marketing teams that can differentiate themselves by achieving certainty of outcomes will be highly rewarded. That process is, of course, already well underway in the marketing profession.


Build a marketing ecosystem to support your certainty mission - Data is the tool that helps marketers achieve certainty, and the richness of the data that is being made available grows by the day. That’s why choosing the right marketing ecosystem and tech stack – one that can work with the data that is available not only today but also tomorrow – is the key to winning the certainty challenge. Marketers have become more data-, and indeed, results-focused, which is driving a psychological shift away from fluffy marketing tricks, towards meaningful and optimised action.


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