Introduction About Federico Chiesa

Emanating from a lineage of football royalty, Federico Chiesa, born on the 25th of October 1997, has carved out his niche in the beautiful game as a dynamic left winger and occasional second striker. His prowess on the field is currently showcased at Juventus, one of Serie A's most prestigious clubs, and he also dons the national colors for Italy. The son of Enrico Chiesa, Federico has inherited a passion for football that runs deep within his family's veins.

Federico's journey in professional football began in earnest with his ascent through the ranks of Fiorentina's youth system. His impressive breakthrough into the first team came in 2016, marking the start of a significant four-year tenure with the club. During this period, his remarkable contribution of 34 goals in 153 appearances across all competitions not only underscored his attacking abilities but also his consistency and resilience on the pitch.

The year 2020 marked a new chapter for Chiesa as he transitioned to Juventus, immediately adding silverware to his repertoire with victories in the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana. His international career, initiated with a senior debut for the Azzurri in March 2018, reached a crescendo with Italy's triumph at UEFA Euro 2020. Chiesa's stellar performances throughout the tournament earned him a well-deserved spot in the Team of the Tournament, highlighting him as a formidable force on the left flank and a key player for both his club and country.

Federico Chiesa's Rare card

In the dynamic world of virtual football, Federico Chiesa's Rare card stands out as a prized asset for any FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiast. As a Left Midfielder with an impressive overall rating of 84, Chiesa's card boasts a blistering pace of 91, which is complemented by a solid shooting rating of 82, ensuring he can be a decisive force in front of the goal. His passing and dribbling ratings of 76 and 86, respectively, allow for smooth transitions and skillful ball control, enabling players to navigate through tight spaces with ease. Although his defense rating is a modest 53, his physicality at 75 ensures that he can hold his own in challenges. The advantages of Chiesa's card are particularly noticeable for those who deploy him on the wing, as his sharp attacking prowess is designed to dismantle defenses, create openings, and ultimately clinch the game by capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities.

How to Obtain Federico Chiesa's Player Card

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