In the heart of the capital Riyadh, where the intense heat and glaring sun shine throughout the year, the search for effective protection and coverage becomes of paramount importance for homes and workplaces. If you are looking for the ideal solution to this dilemma, then the shades and screens of Al-hazazi Foundation are the perfect choice for you.


Al-hazazi Foundation, a leader in the manufacturing and installation of shades and screens in Riyadh, offers integrated and modern solutions to protect your outdoor and indoor spaces alike. Thanks to its long experience and the skill of its specialized team, the foundation is able to provide high-quality products and distinctive designs that efficiently meet the needs of its clients.


Diversity of Designs and Materials


One of the most prominent features of Al-hazazi's shades and screens is the great diversity in designs and materials used. Whether you prefer a classic style or a contemporary approach, you will find what suits you from a wide range of options.


In terms of shades, the foundation offers attractive aluminum shades, in addition to polycarbonate shades that are characterized by their high thermal insulation and ability to block ultraviolet rays. The foundation also offers a variety of screen افضل مظلات وسواتر في الرياض  options in different styles, including wooden, metal, and Scandinavian screens.


For pergolas as well, Al-hazazi excels in its innovative designs, offering metal and wooden pergolas in diverse shapes and sizes, with the possibility of adding covers and decorations according to the client's preference.


Quality and Effective Protection


In addition to the diversity in designs, Al-hazazi's products are distinguished by the high quality of the materials used. The aluminum and polycarbonate used in the manufacture of the shades are among the best heat-insulating materials, ensuring effective protection from the scorching sun rays.


The metal and wooden screens provided by the foundation also have high structural durability, making them capable of withstanding various weather conditions, such as wind and rain. And thanks to the precise and meticulous installation of all products, Al-hazazi Foundation guarantees many years of safe and comfortable use.


Integrated Services for Projects


In addition to providing high-quality shades and screens, Al-hazazi Foundation offers integrated services to efficiently execute construction and real estate development projects. Alongside the design and installation of shades and screens, the foundation carries out various metal work tasks, including the installation of hangars, security fences, and tents.


The foundation also specializes in the installation of sandwich panels and the design of cladding facades, in addition to landscaping and the design and installation of pergolas in their various forms. Thanks to its professional and well-trained team, the foundation ensures the execution of all these works with high quality and in the shortest possible time.


Consulting and After-Sales Services


Al-hazazi Foundation does not only provide high-quality products, but also offers advisory services to assist its clients in choosing the most suitable solutions for their needs. Upon contacting the foundation, you will be guided by a team of experts to the best available options, taking into account your budget and the areas that need to be covered.


And upon the completion of the installation of the shades and screens, the foundation's services do not stop there, as it also provides periodic maintenance services to maintain the optimal performance of the products over the coming years.