This world-first hands-free sex toy works serious magic

If you've landed on this Dame Eva Review, chances are, you're as intrigued as me by the myth that sexual wellness brand have finally created a legitimately effective hands-free sex toy. To get more news about hands free clitoral vibrator, you can visit official website.

Ever even heard of a wearable sex toy before that doesn’t involve penetration or pants? Well, that's where the Dame Eva comes in - the first ever sex toy designed to be held in place by your labia alone. This sex toy doesn’t need to be inserted or clipped on to stay put, even allowing space for a partner or sex toy to penetrate your vagina at the same time too.

Yep - it's certainly different, which is why I, dildos Ness Cooper, a sex expert trained in various fields of sexology from psychosexuality to ecosexuality, have been putting it to the test for you. This is the first time I've ever seen such a unique product come from the sex tech sphere, so I was excited to try it, having heard it's one of the best sex toys for couples out there. Keep scrolling for my review, and don't miss my Womanizer OG review, We-Vibe Tango X review, and Satisfyer Heated Thrill review, while you're here.

As above, the Dame Eva is pretty one-of-a-kind in that it promises to be hands-free.

The clitoral vibrator allows you to explore three powerful vibrations in various sex positions, either solo or as a couple. Because it sits neatly over your clitoris, you can enjoy penetration at the same time (double trouble).

Other need-to-knows: it's the first fully hands-free sex toy out there that doesn't require insertion into the vagina or attaching to underwear. First things first - the fact that it's the world's first totally hands-free sex toy is pretty amazing. So, how does it work? Well, the flexible arms on the Eva apply a small amount of pressure between the inner labia, stabilising the sex toy and keeping it in position.

This means you're free to add additional sex toys, if you fancy. As the Dame Eva rests over the clitoris, you can easily use a vibrator or dildo at the same time (best sex toys for penetration at the ready).

Not to mention the fact that it's multi-faceted - you can wear it in a whole range of different sex positions and it promises to stay in place (gone are the days of no clit stimulation during sex).

We all know that most women reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation, which means this toy significantly ups the likelihood of you reaching orgasm.First things first, a little how-to position: you need to fully spread and hold both your inner and outer labia apart. Then, press the arms of the Dame Eva close to the toy's body and place it over your clitoris. Next, release your labia and the folds of your vulva (this should press your labia against the toy's arms and hold it in place).

While it took some getting used to, I found that the Dame Eva stayed in position better when further upwards.

So, how did it actually feel when testing? Good question. Once you’ve gotten use to the placement of the Dame Eva, it's really fun to explore with (simply press the single button on the top to get things started).

My first time using the sex toy, I decided it would be best to explore using it solo. I found that I was able to insert other sex toys when the Eva was positioned over my clitoris but larger penetrative sex toys and those with extremely strong vibrations moved the Dame Eva out of place.