Martech Interview with Gregg Holzrichter on Data Management


Marketing, by nature, is built on data. How does data assist marketers optimize strategies and deliver personalized content, driving more engagement? In an Martech interview on Data Management, Gregg shares insights on Click-stream analysis, retail data, behavioral models – leveraging data for marketing is driving a golden age of personalization and micro-targeting.


Finding the right platform or service that helps your engineers reduce their tedious data management workload by automating pieces of it–like data blending–makes them more productive and happier. Some were in Lattice, others in Bamboo, and some just use spreadsheets. Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid, cloud workloads are pervasive given the flexibility clouds provide for rapid scale. That wouldn’t be practical or reasonable, and external data management is no different. Data blending is another critical step in the external data integration process, and external data companies know it.


Companies that don’t have cloud-native integration platforms struggle to onboard net new external data sets that help to augment internal data and achieve unique insights and data analytics. Data transformation is the same concept. Taking a table of data and parsing, combining, segmenting, or blending it can yield different results based on what you need. Instead, buying great solutions to enable your data engineers is a more sensible solution for building your data pipeline. 


About Gregg Holzrichter - Gregg is a results-oriented senior marketing executive with extensive experience and a history of global leadership roles in large enterprise, pre-IPO, and start-up marketing organizations.


About Crux - Crux offers a managed data engineering service that helps organizations scale their most critical data delivery, operations, and transformation needs. Our cloud-based technology stack enables you to reliably get the data you need, how you need it and where you need it.


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