Why Apple Gift Cards Make Great Holiday Gifts

Apple gift cards now offer better value than ever before, making them a great option for shoppers looking to gift something meaningful to Apple users this holiday season. Furthermore, Apple's gift cards now come with a long-awaited feature that makes them even more convenient and enjoyable. Here's everything you need to know about today's Apple gift cards and what makes them a better gift option in 2020 than in previous yearsTo get more news about 海外充值苹果礼品卡, you can visit nnxwheels.com official website.

In July, Apple confirmed its gift cards were becoming valid across every storefront owned by the company. This means consumers can now use gift card funds at any Apple-owned marketplace, whether it be iTunes, Apple Music, App Store, Apple Arcade, or anywhere else. Gift cards can also be used at physical Apple store locations towards the purchase of Apple hardware and accessories. What's more, even older Apple gift cards marked for a specific storefront, such as iTunes, are now recognized as new Apple gift cards, so they too can be spent at any Apple marketplace.
Shoppers tend to prefer to give presents that their loved ones specifically want or can use on Christmas Day, rather than them having to shop for themselves at a later date, resulting in gift cards often thought of a last-minute gift. However, the times have changed and nowadays many goods and services that Apple users will find beneficial can only be purchased and used digitally. Due to this change, there are now many great reasons for consumers to buy someone else an Apple gift card for the holidays.

The versatility of today's Apple gift cards are what make them so highly valued. With one gift card, Apple users can pay for apps, songs, movies, and other services. Funds from gift cards will go towards the user's Apple account balance and are instantly ready for use. Recipients might want an assortment of different products found across multiple Apple storefronts, so the Apple gift card makes for an easy way to pay for them all. Apple gift cards can also be used to pay for subscriptions from services like Netflix, as in-app purchases also fall under the App Store goods category.


Apple's gift cards come in various monetary amounts, ranging in value from $10 to $200. In terms of how much one should gift, that is ultimately going to come down to budget. However, $20 is easily going to be a useful amount for any Apple user. With $20, the recipient can download more than a dozen songs, several premium apps, or two or more months of a popular streaming service. Another way to determine how much to give is to identify if there is a certain product, app, or service someone wants. For example, anyone with a new M1 MacBook might be interested in a universal app like Pixelmator Pro. Priced at $39.99 per month for the macOS software download, a $40 gift card will allow them to get the app they want without having to worry about paying for it. With so many options now available with an Apple gift, it is easy to see why they make such a great gift idea, and especially in 2020 when so many are having to socially distance from each other during the holidays.