The Workbook for Students comprises 365 classes, one for each day of the entire year, built to help a systematic procedure for internal therapeutic and religious awakening. Each session provides a certain design or principle to consider, accompanied by sensible exercises and meditations. Through consistent training, students learn to cultivate a state of mindfulness, attuning their thoughts to the guidance of the Holy Nature and uncovering the truth of the heavenly nature.

The Guide for Teachers provides as a supplementary manual for folks who wish to deepen their comprehension of the Program and share its teachings with others. It handles popular questions and  acim that may arise all through the study of "A Class in Wonders," providing ideas into the process of religious training and learning. By giving advice on the best way to extend love and forgiveness to the others, the Handbook empowers individuals to become routes of healing and transformation in the world.

At the heart of "A Program in Miracles" is the recognition that correct salvation originates from a shift in perception—from anxiety to love, from divorce to unity. By transcending the ego's constraints and aligning with the divine essence within, individuals may awaken for their inherent wholeness and reclaim their divine inheritance as kiddies of God. Through the practice of forgiveness and the willingness to surrender the ego's illusions, students of the Program may knowledge miracles—wonders of healing, miracles of love, and wonders of transformation.

The teachings of "A Class in Miracles" have inspired numerous people all over the world to attempt a trip of spiritual awareness and self-realization. Its timeless wisdom transcends religious and cultural boundaries, offering a general road to peace and enlightenment. Whether learned separately or in neighborhood with the others, the Program supplies a roadmap for moving the difficulties of life with grace and compassion.