In Diablo IV Season 4 Updates, the gear system has a significant change:

Reduced number of affixes: now 3 on Legendary items, and 2 on Rare items.


This update means you don’t need to loot Rare items and check the affixes in game. But at the same time, the price you imprint the items will be increased, because you must imprint the Legendary items in game.


Imprinting costs have gone way down, but when you at early game, it still pay too much, you need to loot much more Rare and Legendary items and sell to the merchant.




The new system Tempering which gives you 5 chances to temper a Legendary item, which means if you didn’t temper the affixes you want, you have to use another item. It randomly cost the gold in game in another way.



The new Boss Andariel will drop new Unique items. In addition, the Legendary and Unique items could trade in game in Season 4. So it’s the new way to use gold in end game.


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