Rochester man falls for Amazon gift card scam

The man told officers he received a call from someone pretending to investigate a fraud or debt case from Amazon, who told the man he needed to buy Xbox gift cards to settle the case.To get more news about 海外充值, you can visit official website.

The man bought $150 in Xbox gift cards and supplied the codes on the back to the scammer, then bought another $400 in Apple Pay cards and gave the scammer those numbers as well.

Moilanen said people who get calls from phone scammers should hang up immediately and report the number to the Federal Trade Commission by hitting the “Report Fraud” tab at the upper right corner of and entering the information they have.
The first text names my co-worker and it’s the “boss” asking if she's available.

The “boss” goes on to say they have a presentation, and they need some Apple gift cards to be bought at a nearby store.

At this point, most employees would probably think this was a little weird, but they may think, maybe there is an employee appreciation thing happening and the boss just needs someone to run an errand.

The text goes on to say you need to buy five to 10 cards and the worker can buy them at Target or Walmart.


Here's the other thing, I know a text from your boss can be intimidating, but anytime you get a text or email from anyone or any business you know they're asking you to buy a gift card or to pay with a gift card, it is always, always, always a scam.