When it comes to finding the Best Karat Gold for your needs, it's important to understand the different types of gold and their corresponding karat ratings. Gold is divided into six different categories based on its purity: 10%, 9.5%, 9%, 8.5%, 8% and 7%. Karat is a measure of a metal's purity, and the higher the number, the more pure the metal is. The most popular type of gold for jewelry is 24k gold, which is composed of .24% copper. This means that 24k gold has a higher karat rating than 18k gold, which has only .18% copper. However, because 24k gold is more expensive than 18k gold, it's important to choose a jewelry piece that will complement your budget. 18k gold also works well for many jewelry styles since it has a slightly yellow color and a softer feel than 24k gold.