Main to the teachings of "A Class in Miracles" is the concept of forgiveness as the important thing to inner peace and salvation. Unlike old-fashioned notions of forgiveness, which frequently include pardoning the others for observed wrongdoings, the Program stresses forgiveness as a method of releasing the self-imposed barriers to love and healing. By relinquishing issues and judgments, persons may free themselves from the bondage of the pride and go through the transformative energy of divine love.

The Workbook for Pupils comprises 365 classes, one for every time of the season, built to aid a systematic process of inner therapeutic and spiritual awakening. Each lesson offers a unique concept or acim podcast  to contemplate, followed closely by useful workouts and meditations. Through regular practice, pupils figure out how to cultivate a situation of mindfulness, attuning their minds to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and uncovering the facts of the heavenly nature.

The Handbook for Teachers acts as a supplementary manual for those who desire to deepen their knowledge of the Course and share their teachings with others. It handles popular questions and considerations that'll occur all through the research of "A Program in Wonders," providing ideas in to the process of spiritual teaching and learning. By giving advice on the best way to increase enjoy and forgiveness to others, the Manual empowers persons to become channels of healing and change in the world.

In the centre of "A Program in Miracles" could be the recognition that correct salvation comes from a shift in perception—from anxiety to love, from separation to unity. By transcending the ego's limitations and aligning with the divine essence within, individuals can wake for their inherent wholeness and reclaim their divine inheritance as young ones of God. Through the training of forgiveness and the willingness to submit the ego's illusions, students of the Class may experience miracles—wonders of healing, wonders of enjoy, and wonders of transformation.