New Product News-Cutting and Sawing

BLM GROUP has unveiled the LS7 sheet laser cutting machine, a brand-new addition to its sheet laser line-up resulting from the company’s most current technological research. The LS7 was designed as an entry-level product in the high-end system segment, i.e. a product with all the features and functionality of a high-end system but at an attractive price.Get more news about profile pipe cutting machine 20kw,you can vist our website!
The LS7 has a conventional aluminum mobile gantry structure actuated by a rack and pinion system, which slides on a steel base filled with a special polymer to ensure high rigidity even with high accelerations up to 2g. And the pallet change can be accomplished in only nine seconds, taking place on the long side of the machine. Handling is fully electric, without pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, for improved maintenance and energy usage.
The LS7 can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum in thicknesses from 0.20 inches to 1.57 inches, or even double sheets, depending upon the material and selected laser power. It is available in two versions – the 3015 with a maximum sheet size of 121.5 inches by 62.2 inches and the 4020, capable of handling sheet sizes up to 162.5 inches by 79.5 inches.

C-402NC Handles Mass Production
Cosen Saws C-420NC band saw is a fully automatic band saw capable of handling mass productions settings. Built with a sturdy and a reliable hydraulic dual column design, the C-420NC is rugged and dependable. Along with built-to-last quality, the saw also incorporates Cosen’s Smart NC-100 technology that provides the benefits of NC controlled saws at a fraction of the cost. This offers the capability to program up to 100 different jobs, including quantity and length of cut all on the HMI touchscreen.
The C-420NC has a round capacity of 16.5 inches and a square capacity of 16.5 by 16.5 inches. The saw also comes equipped with a 1.5-inch blade, 10 HP-blade motor, cast-iron hydraulic vises and Cosen’s Save-A-Blade feature. This saw also features Cosen’s proprietary V_Drive technology which reduces cut times, cuts harder material fast and maintains blade life for longer. This technology is built into the saw and is great for achieving tighter tolerance and cleaner cuts.