Usually, if there is no special requirement for the surface, the product after investment casting is only coated with oil-proof and anti-rust paint to prevent rust. However, there may also be special purposes such as improving appearance, protecting surfaces from external influences, meeting special branding requirements, changing material properties, etc. In this case, some surface treatment will be applied to the investment casting.

Investment casting surface treatment:
The most commonly used surface treatments in investment casting are the following:
Color painting: can be operated according to the sample or color number. Secondly, the surface treatment method of casting is adopted. Mainly used for surface treatment of steel castings and iron castings.
Powder coating: a better surface spraying method than color coating, environmentally friendly and harmless to workers.
Galvanized: Suitable for small investment castings due to high cost.
Pickling and Passivation: Used to protect castings from corrosion and add a protective layer. Specifically for stainless steel castings.
Black Oxide: A more cost-effective method than spray painting to prevent rusting in investment castings.
Phosphating: A chemical layer conversion process that uses a pretreatment technique.
Our surface treatments allow us to provide our customers with high quality investment castings with a surface finish better than 3.2 microns after a lost wax investment casting process. We can offer a variety of finishes, whether done in-house or from our partners. More and more customers benefit from our wide range of surface treatment services. Together with our machining and heat treatment capabilities, our surface preparation capabilities make us your "one-stop" investment casting supplier.