If you like evenings out in the town, dinner parties, and other festivities, then one thing is required for sure: a long-lasting and solid makeup look. Unfortunately, a long event can cause your makeup to slide off and fade away as the hour goes by. But don’t worry! There are a few solutions to lock your makeup. Among them, the most versatile one is makeup fixer spray. In this article, let us understand why and how to use makeup fixer spray. 

Why To Use Makeup Fixer Spray 

Do you know what exactly a makeup setting spray or a makeup fixer is? It is like hair spray, which is used after you full makeup to extend the life of the makeup. It gives your makeup a fresh look at the moment you apply it. You can reapply these products after a few hours to make your makeup look fresh. Fixer spray helps your makeup stay longer than usual, and it helps control the powdery effect when applying pressed or loose powder. Most of the settings spray lock makeup for about 12-16 hours. These sprays are ideal solutions for people who have oily skin. Additionally, makeup fixer sprays never come in contact with your skin, as you are using them as the final step in makeup. 

How to Use a Makeup Fixer Spray 

  1. Shake the Bottle: A makeup fixer spray contains many ingredients to hold the makeup for a longer period. It may contain ingredients that settle down when you leave it without using it for a long period. Therefore, to make sure that the ingredients are mixed properly, shake the bottle gently before spraying it on your skin. Ensure that you do not shake it vigorously. A gentle shake to mix all the ingredients is enough. 
  2. Spray It On Your Finished Makeup Face: Hold the makeup fixer spray 15 to 20 cm away, and then start spraying the product on your face. Ensure that the product covers the entire face without leaving any place. Spraying in a “T” and “S” pattern is the best way to ensure full coverage. Makeup fixer spray gives a gorgeous look when applied on top of the makeup. For additional smudge-proof, you can apply primer before foundation. Both primer and setting spray work together to give a better result. 
  3. Let The Spray Dry Naturally: Once you have sprayed the setting makeup spray, let your face air-dry. Don’t worry! It won’t take too long for the spray to get absorbed by your skin. Ensure not to touch, blend, or rub your face because it will mess up your makeup. 
  4. Reapply when Needed: Take the makeup fixeralong with you while going out so that you can use it whenever needed. Depending on the makeup setting spray online, it can cool you off, rehydrate your skin, and give you a matte finish. Hence choose them wisely. If you reapply your makeup, ensure that you reapply the settings spray. 

To conclude: 

Investing in a high-quality makeup fixer online is the best choice to elevate your look. If you are looking for the best makeup fixer, you can check out Forever52, the most renewed cosmetic brand in India that provides a full-fledged line of professional cosmetics worldwide.