FC 24 Ultimate Team's Team of the Season is brimming with unexpected additions, and the latest Squad Building Challenge (SBC) brings Ultimate Birthday Icon Javier Zanetti into the mix.

Players now have the opportunity to acquire the UT Birthday Icon Zanetti for their lineup, and we've sourced the most cost-effective solutions to help you secure this iconic player.

The Ultimate Team mode has been graced with a fresh SBC featuring the illustrious Javier Zanetti's Ultimate Birthday Icon cards, offering fans a chance to integrate this legendary figure into their teams.

Zanetti's Ultimate Birthday Icon Details

In FIFA Ultimate Team, enthusiasts can select from two versions of Javier Zanetti's Birthday Icon card. The distinction between them lies in their respective abilities: one boasts a five-star skill move rating, while the other features a five-star weak foot rating.

Javier Zanetti's 92-rated Ultimate Team card is a versatile addition to any squad with impressive attributes, such as 92 pace, 87 passing, 87 dribbling, 90 defending, and 83 physicality. His flexibility is highlighted by his capability to be deployed in various positions, including right-back (RB), right wing-back (RWB), left-back (LB), and central midfield (CM).

Adding to his in-game prowess, Zanetti comes equipped with special PlayStyle+ traits, namely the Whipped Pass and Relentless, which enhance his performance on the virtual pitch.

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To successfully complete the Ultimate Birthday Icon Zanetti Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must fulfill a series of requirements and assemble specific squads to earn various rewards. Here's a breakdown of what's needed and the rewards you can expect:

  • The first challenge requires a squad of 11 rare bronze players. Completing this will grant you a Small Silver Players Pack.

  • For the second challenge, field a team of 11 rare silver players to earn a Three Common Gold Players Pack.

  • A minimum team overall rating of 83 is necessary for the third challenge, which rewards you with an Ultimate Birthday Icon Loan Zanetti for 5 matches.

  • Incorporate at least one player from Inter Milan in a squad with a minimum overall rating of 85 to receive a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The fifth challenge involves including at least one Argentinian player in a squad with a minimum overall rating of 87, which will reward you with a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

  • Lastly, add at least one Serie A player to a team with a minimum overall rating of 88 to claim a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

Each squad you submit for these challenges must meet the stated criteria to unlock the corresponding rewards, enhancing your FIFA Ultimate Team experience.

Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Upon successfully completing the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) requirements, you'll be able to recruit Ultimate Birthday Icon Javier Zanetti to your FIFA Ultimate Team. The estimated cost to unlock this legendary player stands at approximately 195,000 coins.

Are you planning to tackle the Ultimate Birthday Icon Zanetti SBC and bring him into your lineup? Share your thoughts and plans in the comments section.

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