While the evening extends on, the power of the beach celebration ebbs and flows. Some take a separate from sunlight, retreating beneath the tone of umbrellas to sleep or read a book, while the others continue steadily to experience the water and sand. The younger audience may participate in an amiable sport of frisbee or take converts burying one another in the mud, making amusing mermaid or monster patterns out of these hidden friends. The advent of portable hammocks installed between side trees or durable seaside umbrellas provides a great place for anyone seeking to sway gently with the wind, the rhythmic movement a lullaby that very nearly demands a day siesta.

As the sun begins their lineage, casting a fantastic light over the water and painting the sky with shades of lemon, green, and pink, the beach party takes on a more mysterious quality. The heat of  tita lau  afternoon subsides, changed by a relaxed, balmy temperature that invites every one to collect closer. A bonfire is made, their flames crackling and sending sparks dance to the twilight. The light from the fire portrays a hot glow on the faces of those collected around it, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Marshmallows, candy, and graham crackers make an look, and soon, s'mores are being assembled and devoured, the gooey, sweet treats an excited delight for both small and old.

Instruments are introduced, and unplanned sing-alongs occur, with favorite songs and beach anthems echoing in to the night. The mix of live audio, the sound of the waves, and the fun of buddies generates an feeling that's equally enjoyable and exhilarating. Storytelling becomes a well known pastime, with persons discussing stories of past adventures, ghost reports, or humorous anecdotes, their sounds rising and slipping with the drama of these narratives. Younger kids, today exhausted from per day full of perform, may doze off within their parents' temps or covered in beach towels, their dreams certainly full of the day's excitement.

For those however brimming with power, the beach offers a playground also at night. Torch label, beachcombing for nocturnal animals, or perhaps a moonlit move are typical actions that keep consitently the nature of adventure alive. The moon casts a silvery shine on the water, creating a serene and very nearly mystical placing that contrasts superbly with the earlier, sun-soaked hours. The reflection of the moon on the dunes produces a pathway of gentle that appears to stretch infinitely in to the skyline, a sight that never fails to motivate shock and contemplation.