In recent years, the number of websites offering "cell jammers" or similar devices designed to block communications and create a "quiet zone" in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants and other locations has increased substantially. While these devices are marketed under different names, such as signal jammers, GPS jammers or text jammers, they serve the same purpose.

Most modern covert recording equipment transmits its signal on a certain wireless radio frequency. By interfering with this frequency, it is possible to stop the video transmission and recording process. This is done by sending a directional ultrasonic noise or a blank signal to the frequencies of the CCTV. Best of all, jam the video signal with the help of special technical means, e.g. a video jammer.


With a so-called jammer (jammer), you can protect yourself from a position investigation or secret eavesdropping. This jammer use can be of great importance under certain circumstances. Because the danger of being tracked by one's own cell phone or being bugged during important conversations is omnipresent and can have dire consequences.


Audio information recorded from your words during a private conversation or overheard by specially installed devices, so-called bugs, can be used not in your interests, obtaining this type of data illegally using to extract the necessary information is a very common phenomenon in companies that are not competing in their market niche in good faith, which experience more and more people are taking over.


If you suspect something wrong, you need to analyze where the leak could have happened, it could have been sold by offended or unscrupulous employees, if that option is out of the question, you need to take care of preventing important information yourself.


In this situation audio and video signal blockers are used, these are special devices that generate interference, which is not perceived by human ear or more powerful that a person can hear, but it does not cause any discomfort allowing you to continue the conversation. 


When you turn on a camera jammer in, the noise distorts the sound very much, it is impossible to understand what is being said in the recording or in real time in a live broadcast, all you can hear is the noise from the noise generated by the suppressor. Even using special programs for decoding and applying filters will not allow using the data obtained. 


Hidden cameras can appear in every building every day. They can be so well hidden that it is too late and no one will notice them. For example, a miniature spy camera hidden in the eyes or buttons of a doll or teddy bear is hard to find with the naked eye. Likewise, the microphone can be hidden in many hard-to-reach places or in places where you may never see it (under the lampshade, in the baseboard, etc.). So don't waste your time, but find out about all the little electronic monitoring systems. There is a way to destroy spy cameras and get the privacy and security you need. You can use jammers to prevent all hidden cameras and microphones from peeking out.