With an estimated 627 million internet users in 2019, India now ranks second after China in terms of internet users. India had 337 million smartphone users in 2018, and that number is projected to rise in 2019. In India, Android users outnumber iOS users in terms of usage. Companies are increasingly entering the Android app development industry due to the growing market share of Android users in India.

After Jio's introduction in India, the number of smartphone users has grown. The need for mobile applications grows as smartphone adoption rates rise. Android mobile applications have to be distinctive and user-friendly. Therefore, businesses are concentrating on hiring Indian Android app developers.


The need for Android app developers in India has grown and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Every year, major manufacturers like Samsung, Vivo, and One Plus release mobile devices with new updates, which has raised demand for Android. In the upcoming years, Android app development won't suffer. India has affordable app developers.


The HTC Dream was the first smartphone to be released in India. Compared to iOS applications, Android application creation is simple.

1.Open Source

An open source operating system is Android. It permits the developer to register once and then build and test numerous apps. The one-time registration cost for an Android SDK developer account on Google Play is $25, and it enables you to publish numerous Android apps. Google levies a 30% fee on premium apps, but the company distributes free apps to all users.


2.Huge Market

The Indian app industry for mobile devices is expanding at the quickest rate. Other platforms like SlideME, Opera Mobile Store, Mobango, etc. are available for Android developers to distribute their apps on. Most of these marketplaces or platforms are no-cost. Such platforms are generating a sizable industry in India for the creation of Android mobile apps.

3.High Return on Investment with Low Cost

The Android Software Development Kit is available to developers. They just need to pay once for registration; the rest of the time, they can create many apps. They may invest less and boost user engagement by building and testing their applications on any computing device. Therefore, interactive apps help end users, and the business sees a good return on investment.

4. The user base is larger

As was previously said, Android has a sizable user base and is still expanding. Companies profit from this figure as a result. You can create apps and games for Android that appeal to millions of people. Consequently, expanding your user base gives you a sense of the market.


5.Job Opportunities for Android Developers

Jobs for developing Android mobile apps are growing in India as the Android market grows. Competent and experienced developers will receive competitive pay. The fact that there are over 25,000 vacancies for Android mobile app development in India demonstrates the enormous growth in this sector. The wage range for an experienced developer is between Rs. 1.2 and 4.6 lakh annually.

The Scope of Android Mobile Application Development in Other Sectors


There have been several developments brought about in India as a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement of Digital India. Online banking transactions have expanded due to Cashless India, and as a result, banking applications are in demand. All banks are willing to compensate experienced developers well. Maintaining and releasing a banking app is difficult since it requires several security checks, such as ensuring that client information is not compromised. Also in demand nowadays are applications like Paytm, Bhim, Phone Pe, and others.


Numerous educational sectors are being updated with online courses as a result of India's digitalization. The ease with which older people and younger people may now learn new things through online courses means that they can do so from wherever. A few examples are the instructional android applications Udemy, Byju's, TED, etc.


Who doesn't enjoy playing games? Children and young people generally do. Nowadays, PUB G is quite well known among young people. In India nowadays, the need for Android mobile gaming applications is also increasing. The Indian gaming industry has the best return on investment.


In 2018, it was projected that India's e-commerce market will generate $32.70 billion in sales. Most customers prefer to make purchases using mobile applications since several major businesses, like Amazon and Flipkart, frequently offer significant discounts on apps.


On the Google Play store, there are 2.8 billion or more applications. Everyone wants everything on mobile now that the use of smartphones has increased, whether it be for commerce or schooling. In India, about 65% of consumers shop via an app. As a result, I would think that Android mobile applications will be popular both domestically and internationally.