Titanium plates and many different forms of titanium are used all over the world, in many industries, because it is extremely strong and non-corrosive. Titanium metal is used in literally thousands of ways within today's modern world. Machining titanium is done mostly within the engineering, automotive and aeronautic industries. However, titanium is also used for the nautical industry, within boats, ships and submarines, and it is also used within the space industry.

Known as a transitional metal, it is the strongest and most non-corrosive metal within the Periodic Table of Elements. It is used for it strength and durability. But it is also used for its good looks, because it is silver in color, and when it is highly polished it looks very attractive. It is used on vehicles and automobiles of all kinds. Titanium plates are also widely used within the building, manufacturing, medicine and engineering industries. In fact, anywhere a strong and non-corrosive metal is needed, titanium is used.

Titanium Tube

It is also used as an excellent and reliable material for making prosthetics for hips and joint replacements, or for pins to hold fractures and shattered bones together. It allows the body to heal well, and keeps the remaining bones and broken limbs in place while they heal. But because the metal is non-corrosive, it does not react with the body's natural systems,so it is much less likely to be rejected.

Titanium is also fairly light in weight when compared to its tensile strength. However, it is also amazingly flexible and can move, very like bones do, which is why it is so widely used within this field of medicine. It is referred to as a biocompatible metal because it is so safe for long term use within the human body. It is also perfect as a material for making the precision medical instruments required for medical treatments and surgery.

It is a non-corrosive metal, it is resistant to reacting to its environment so it is used within all areas of science and technology where the environment can be harsh, and the need for a strong and corrosion resistant metal is needed. For example, it is used within the oil industry for pipes, the nautical industry uses it for ships and sub-aquatic vehicles, and it is used widely within all forms of engineering transport and in automotive vehicles.

Titanium Sheet

Titanium can be fashioned into any size or shape. Plates, pipes, engine parts, prosthetics, aircraft or vehicle parts, can be made with this amazing metal. In fact it is used in so many different ways, there are too many to mention. It is also popular for use as a decorative addition to vehicles like alloy wheels for cars, bikes and any vehicle that can be enhanced by the beauty and long lasting sheen of Titanium finishes.

Because it is an extremely expensive metal it is only used for specialist needs, and within cutting edge technology, and engineering science. There is no doubt that it really is a wonder metal, and that as technology advances, more and more uses for Titanium will be found. The huge variety of its uses indicates just how precious and useful Titanium really is.