In the past, if you had a tattoo, you were pretty much resigned to having it for the rest of your life. This made it difficult for people who wanted to tuck their tattoo, and the reasons for getting it, into a box labeled "past" and not look back. Over the last few years, there have been a number of advances in tattoo removal. The cost of tattoo removal for various treatments differs significantly and ranges from "less than the cost of a nice dinner for two" to "I just spent the down payment for my house." Calm down and stop getting your unmentionables in a bunch already: you may be surprised to discover there is an option that is tailored perfectly to your budget (and your tattoo). The "price removal tattoo search" might not hurt as much as you think!

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Laser removal is the most well known treatment method. A specially trained technician aims a laser beam at the ink in your tattoo, breaking it down. Your body then filters out the ink like it would any other contaminant. It usually takes between 5 and 10 treatments to remove a tattoo. Each treatment will range between $250 and $850, depending on the laser needed to dislodge the particular colors of the ink in your tattoo. When it comes time for a final decision on keeping an unwanted tattoo, the idea of spending $1250 to $8500 or more might make you think twice (and then some) about whether or not laser tattoo removal is even a viable option to consider. The financial pain combined with the pain from the procedure might seem intolerable even to someone who has braved the needle before.

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Similar to laser removal is IPL or Intense Pulse Light. The technician applies a special gel to the skin and passes a light wand over the tattoo. The pulses break down the tattoo's inks. It is less painful than using a laser, with less likelihood of scarring. However, with an average tattoo removal price of $10 per pulse, it is not financially feasible for many people. The number of pulses per treatment can vary significantly, with the range being anywhere from 50-500 pulses depending on the size of the tattoo being removed. Yes, a whopping $500 to $5000 per treatment!

Dermabrasion is another method used to remove tattoos that have become a daily reminder of things you would rather forget; unless you have Neanderthal tendencies you probably will not want to use this as your escape route. A surgical sanding tool is used to take off the top layers of the skin, removing the tattoo in the process. It is painful (probably somewhat like attempting to wash your face with sand paper to get rid of high school acne) so it is generally performed with local or general anesthesia. Scarring typically occurs as a result. It will also set your wallet back $1000 or more depending on the size of the tattoo.

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You may have seen tattoo removal creams advertised on television and become cautiously curious. These products work by fading the tattoo. They are not usually painful, but may not be right for all tattoos. They are a cheaper option than lasers or IPL, but can still run over $100 for a two month supply. Many people find they have to use the creams for six months or more to obtain nearly satisfactory results. Therefore, in all reality, a bit of math skills may be necessary to figure out whether or not to give it a try or pay the same amount (maybe just a tad more) and opt for another method. If you are looking at potentially spending somewhere in the vicinity of $300 on creams, you might want to keep reading. Additionally, if your tattoo does not respond, you will probably be left feeling short-changed with a few choice words slipping from between your pursed, angry lips.

It may seem contradictory, but there is a tattooing technique known as the machine method that can help eliminate your existing tattoo. Using a special gel, the tattoo artists tattoos over the tattoo you wish to be removed. The gel dislodges the ink from the dermis, where it goes to the surface of the skin and forms a scab. After four to six weeks, the scab comes off through the skin's natural regeneration process, taking the ink with it. This procedure is the quickest method for tattoo removal and is effective on both black ink and colors. Unlike other methods, it only takes three to five treatments. This tends to be one of the more inexpensive methods, with the tattoo removal price [] starting around $100 per treatment, and an average patient needing only 3-5 treatments.

If your short term memory serves you right, you are probably putting two and two together right now and realizing that this method might be a better bargain that you thought probable. Choosing between six or more months of messy and smelly creams that may not totally rectify your dilemma or going with the machine method for nearly the same price (with a higher effectiveness rate) would be a difficult choice for some I suppose.

No particular removal method will be right for everyone or every tattoo. Take your investigation skills out and dust them off because choosing the wrong one could have lasting effects on your skin's appearance, not to mention the life altering experience that could be inflicted on your unsuspecting wallet!