Sexually transmitted infections, also known as STIs, and sexually transmitted infections or STDs are highly contagious afflictions which are contracted through sexual or close personal contact. Anyone, regardless of race, nationality, age, or gender, can become affected so long as they engage in sexual relations.

In today's age, more and more young people are becoming infected with STDs, and the alarming rate of infection is steadily on the rise. Seeing as how they top the list of possible contractors of the disease, educating oneself and knowing all that you can to prevent infection is a must. STD is more than just a debilitating social stigma. It affects one's health, relationships, as well as peace of mind. Some STDs, when left untreated or undiagnosed, can lead to complications such as infertility, and in some cases even death.

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The most common cause of infection is due to misinformation. People erroneously believe that one can only contract STDs through sexual contact. This is not entirely true. There a some types of STDs which can be passed by simple skin-to-skin contact, especially if one comes into contact with the infected area. Another unfounded notion is that one cannot contract STD if one engages solely in oral or anal sex. This couldn't be further from the truth. STD viruses can easily invade a person's body through small cuts, wounds, or through the mucous membranes such as those in the mouth or anus.

It is hard to tell whether one has STD or not, since the symptoms are hard to diagnose. An infected person may not show any symptoms of STD, and may be unaware of being infected for some time. Thus, it is easy to pass the disease from person to person unwittingly, in the belief that one is STD-free.


Though there are certain methods of preventing infection, such as condoms, they are not 100% guaranteed, since there are types of STDs which infect via skin contact alone, such as herpes and genital warts.

Since the symptoms of STD do not often manifest themselves, it is important to seek the advice and help of a reliable healthcare practitioner or to go to STD testing centers if you experience some of the probable symptoms or if you simply think you were exposed to someone who has STD. There is a wide variety of treatment available for some types of STDs though they require long-term care and maintenance.

It does not mean though, that if you come out positive for STD, the only end result is death. It's not going to be the end of the world. Most STDs are curable, and STD testing centers often prescribe the needed medication to help quell or cure the disease. Letting your partner know about your disease can also provide help, given that they are understanding and supportive enough. It must be stressed that being infected with STD, though not always lethal, can pose a hazard since it might compromise one's health.

With many forms of STDs, they are almost always asymptomatic, which makes it hard for someone to tell whether they are infected or not. But even if one does not display any symptoms or tell-tale signs of infection, one can still unknowingly infect others. It is therefore important to receive frequent STD testing in STD clinics. If one is worried about privacy, there are clinics which offer confidential STD testing.

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With the number of STDs in the world, and the slow but sure rise of the number of infected individuals, being safe is no easy feat. However, the wisest choice you can make is to educate yourself as much as you can about the types of diseases, their symptoms, preventive tips, and the best possible course of treatment for them. It's alright to fear getting an STD. Who wouldn't? Arranging an appointment for confidential STD testing can help you know if you are infected or not, and what best course of action to take if you happen to be so.