Whether you're a man, a woman, non-binary, identify as homosexual, gay, bi, or undecided, is there anything hotter or downright sexier than buying your partner a sex toy? We think not.

With male sex dolls, gay sex dolls, and the sexiest female sex dolls, you can probably imagine that we know a thing or two about how to nail gift-giving if you've decided to buy a sex doll for your partner.

Whether it's a special birthday, a sexy anniversary, or a random Tuesday, here's everything you should know about buying a sex toy for your significant other.

Do your research first

The very last thing you want is to give a gift that isn't received as enthusiastically as you would have hoped. You may already feel like you know your partner inside and out, but there's no harm at all in confirming what you already knew.

You have to be subtle, of course. Since you can choose almost every aspect of your sex doll, from hair and eye color to breast or penis size, nipple color, and bikini line, you actually need to know a lot about your intended recipient that is truly turned on.

Your gift shouldn't be a carbon copy of you

The whole point of buying a realistic sex doll for your partner is to introduce a delicious new element to your sex life. That said, you don't want to design a carbon copy of yourself. Mix it up, be bold, and be brave. If you're a man buying a sex doll for the lady in your life or your male love interest, it can be tempting to lower your game when it comes to penis size due to sheer competitiveness. If you're buying for someone who loves boobs and has a pair of their own, your first instinct might be that you don't want your sex doll to have killer boobs and nipples that get sucked on.

The best gifts are all about what the recipient would actually enjoy. A sex doll is a toy that can enhance and contribute to your sex life. It's not a replacement for you, it's a chance to enter a seductive, sexy and kinky world of experimentation. So be bold and daring. Focus on what your partner would get the most out of customizing your doll.

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Don't give away the surprise

To accommodate your partner's most secret desires at home so your sex doll gift really rocks their world, it's tempting to just come right out and ask. The trick is not to make it feel like a job interview. Lighten it up with a discussion of fantasies and spin so you can gain valuable intel without giving the game away. Bonus points if this is done in the bedroom.

Consider making it a joint project

OK, if you tell your recipient you want to buy a Cheap sex doll as a gift, the game is giving away. But that doesn't mean you can't make this a project you share. It could be a highly erotic, incredibly sensual experience. Imagine scrolling through our catalog, hovering over each doll and discussing whether Kristen's incredible curves, Coraline's incredible ass, or the beautiful Elena turn you on. And then choosing your dream breast size, picking the perfect nipples, and the hottest bikini wax. This could be a joint project that seriously turns up the temperature.

Get ready to turn up the heat if you're long distance

If you're in a long distance relationship, gift giving can be especially difficult, but the anticipation of a sex doll arriving at their door can be an incredible turn on. You can build the suspense and plan ahead in the moment with a little bit of planning to make sure it's the best gift they've ever received.

Get creative. Is there a specific piece of clothing or lingerie you're asking them to wear? If so, send one to their address. Tease them about what's to come. Make sure you have FaceTime or Skype facilities and are on video calls when the doll arrives. Then turn up the heat. Be prepared with things you want to say, do or request. Give instructions on how they should dress the doll. Draw it out to add to the fun and when they can't take any more, sit back and watch them enjoy your gift.

Don't Forget Accessories

OK, so good hygiene might not be sexy, but a little forward planning now in cleaning and accessories.

First, buy a water-based toy cleaner to keep the doll fresh and ready for use right away.

You'll also want to throw in a bottle of water-based water to really bring out the pleasure. It needs to be water-based so it doesn't harm the doll's TPE or silicone skin.

Then consider accessories. If your recipient isn't much for planning, a Pre-Clamp Vagina Insert is super convenient. If you want her eyes to roll back in pleasure, our Vagina Heating Rod can be used to heat the inside of your doll's vagina or anus for pure. Unadulterated. Bliss.