Carburetor gasket failure.

I noticed that my engine developed hiccups during cruiding at urban speeds and light acceleration. I first did a thorough clean up for the whole system. No improvement. After that I tried some different size jetting combinations. A slight imrovement, but still the hiccups were there.Get more news about Carburetor For Lada,you can vist our website!

Yesterday I waited for the engine to cool down so that I could remove the carburetor. It turned out that one of the gaskets between the carburetor and intake manifold had failed. This caused a vacuum leak and therefore a caused a lean mixture.

What surprises me is the fact that this gasket was bought from an online shop (I'm not gonna tell where) and I presumed that the seller has only quality products. I was wrong, again.

Now I have a new gasket fitted which is not going to fail. Well, at least the previous one's I've used have not.
What size carburetor is correct for my engine?
Performance Improvements stocks carbs from Holley Performance, Edelbrock and Proform Parts. Sometimes people either have a preconceived notion of what size carb they want or they need some direction about what to choose. We can help you choose the best carb that will work for your vehicle and how you plan on driving it. You can always contact us for answers to specific carb questions but read on to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about carburetors.

Carb Size: Is bigger always Better?
While we’ve all heard people say - “Bigger is Better” - is that always true? We know that more air and fuel equals more power, does that mean the biggest carburetor always makes more power? Unfortunately, too much carb is a common mistake that can actually hurt the overall performance of your engine.

The right idea would be to match the carburetor to the engine's breathing ability or volumetric potential. The engine's volumetric efficiency is a measurable value and with a correctly matched carburetor, you will improve the performance of your engine.