It is the nature of women to pursue beauty. Whether it is a 16-year-old girl or a 56-year-old aunt, they all want to be beautiful. Women pursue beauty, and hairdressing, beauty, and manicure make the image more fashionable and exquisite.

In addition, proper manicure has a protective effect on the nails. Especially the types of nails that are thin and soft, are prone to breakage, and regular manicures can protect the nails from damage.

Today, with the rise of the nail industry, nail salons and manicurists impress customers with beautiful nail styles. Yaqin knows that a good manicure device is a great tool for manicurists. In order to meet the needs of the nail industry, we have launched a series of nail phototherapy lamps. A variety of styles and functions allow the manicurist to exert the maximum effect of the instrument and create a more delicate manicure.

Introduction of Nail Lamp

When doing manicure in a nail salon, in addition to applying nail polish to the nails, it is also necessary to irradiate the nails with a nail lamp to promote the fixation of the gel on the nails, and the nail lamp will emit a purple light, which is the UV LED lamp.

Nail art is not the same as no way. Compared with no way, manicure is simpler and more free. On a small nail, you can create colorful beauty. The manicurist's nail art is really amazing! The manicure process is simple and complex at the same time. Simple is because it is only done on small nails, and complex is that in the process of coloring, it is necessary to pass layers of nail polish to achieve the desired color, and the nail lamp is an important tool to speed up this step.

Today we will introduce the nail lamp.

Nail Light Source

Nail lamps mainly use two light sources, one is a traditional tube-type UV lamp, and the other is a UV LED lamp. The light of our nail lamp is UV LED light. The traditional UV lamp is easy to heat up and the lamp tube wear rate is high, and it is not suitable for direct viewing and try not to shine for a long time. This nail lamp is the light source of UV LED. UV LED has the advantages of low heat generation and long service life. The high-efficiency lighting and drying time only takes less than 15-30 seconds, and compared with UV lamps, it is more lightweight and easy to carry.

Now, as UV LED products have expanded UVA and UVC wavelengths, and with the maturity of chip technology and price decline, UV LED technology has gradually opened up a new market, and the products that can be applied will also become more and more. down-to-earth.

Nail lamp function

At the same time, there is also an intelligent infrared sensor, the light is on when the hand is in, and the light is off when the hand is left. There is no need to manually repeat the keys, saving time, effort and worry, and improving efficiency. Dual light source UV LED nail lamp, drying all glue, mild white light, no eye damage, no black hands, no hot hands, is a very versatile and excellent manicure artifact, and our manicure lamp is also very good in appearance, more colors to choose from.

The manicure lamp is rechargeable, with a service life of up to 50,000 hours, and different powers can be switched at will.

Manicure lamp, which is a must for manicure, especially the manicure uses phototherapy glue, which can be solidified by irradiation with ultraviolet light. How often should the UV lamp of the nail lamp be replaced? What is the difference between UV lamps and LED lamps?

Manicure lamps are a must. Nail salons have them. Customers still have the patience to do manicures for more than an hour. If customers are asked to wait for half a day, 5 or 6 hours, few people can afford to wait. To dry the nail polish quickly, you need a nail lamp to speed up the nail art. Improve the customer's experience, let the customer spend the least time doing manicures, and also speed up the speed of the manicurist. You can do more manicures to improve efficiency.

As a UV LED nail phototherapy lamp, it has more comprehensive functions, not only can dry nail polish, but also other functional glues.

This manicure lamp, which embodies ingenuity and craftsmanship, will surely become the first for every manicurist.

The brand has always insisted on making every beauty lover fall in love with Yaqin, and is committed to developing nail art machines that can bring joy to users.

If you think it's good, you can buy it with confidence.