What characteristics or qualities can make a study successful research? Each step of the research is crucial. Inaccurateness in any one of the steps can influence the whole study and not only that particular portion. Certain traits must be present in all research. These characteristics allow for a reliable and a study that can be generalized. The mere presence of data and information does not suffice for a quality research paper. You have to be aware of the qualities that make a good research papers to effectively present your research.


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Research is a long and difficult job in real life and requires concentration and discipline. Research papers need to be rigorously conducted in order to keep its quality. There are a variety of variables that affect the results and quality of research. The researcher must have control over these aspects. Certain factors can affect the research positively, while other elements can adversely impact the research. A negative impact can reduce the credibility of research, therefore these variables should be managed for the research team.




In a case, for example, in a research carried out on the effects of the humidity level on the tensile strength viscose materials, the researcher will need to assess the effectiveness of the fabric under extreme humidity, with less humidity, and in normal humidity. The humidity must be controlled by the researcher in order to obtain reliable and reproducible results. In a separate study, the researcher must investigate the effects of socioeconomic class on achievement of children at school The researcher will be able to determine that there aren't any other factors impacting the performance of children. There could be a myriad of aspects like the parenting style of parents as well as peer group influence. siblings' rivalries that affect the child's performance however, the researcher must have the ability to control the other factors.




A crucial and fundamental feature of a research article is that it needs to be monitored or controlled. All the information you put in your research paper is designed in advance and can't happen randomly. The first step to conduct research is to choose the research topic. From that point to the conclusion when you write your research paper, the researcher has to maintain his or her own control over the research. He must evaluate the effects of every step is planned before he begins.




Researchers are conducting study to determine the impact of permanent finishes on the durability characteristics of fabric. In this study, the researcher must accurately assess the impact of permanent finishes, and there shouldn't have any additional finishes applied to the fabric.




The importance of accuracy is that without precision, the research paper can't be considered valid and applicable. Every step of research, the researcher should verify the accuracy of his research. When a researcher is reading books, he must write down the references and the review of literature so that, when writing these reviews, he is able to accurately write the review's reference. In testing the hypothesis, the researcher must record the results of tests precisely to ensure that there is no mistake. When conducting research, the researcher should make sure that there is no chance of error for himself. He must ensure the precision of his findings at a hundred percent.




Imagine a researcher conducting research into the effects of physical disabilities among children on acceptance of peers. When using interviews to collect data. gathering. The researcher should capture the responses of interviewees with accuracy and not introduce any kind of bias.