“There will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all must face. However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless and never feel alone.”


― Shannon Alder


Have you ever seen or heard God?

I might sound crazy, but I can proudly say that I have seen God and felt his grace, love, passion, devotion, and faith.

God is always there to help us. However, we only need something to feel and see His wisdom. While there are many ways to find God’s love, one of the prime ways is to read some magnificent books–the literature that has the power to mobilize your thoughts.

And this article will be jotting down some of the greatest titles, so it becomes easy for you to find and connect with God.


Number One: Suicide or Life

Kenisha Birikorand is a mother, a woman, and a believer living in London with her family. A woman of God with empathy for the homeless and those who need love. Her book Suicide or Life is a true reflection of God’s love and wisdom. She jotted down how she was saved by God and His grace when all she could imagine was suicidal thoughts. This book has everything crafted with perfection, from love, struggles, betrayal, sins, family, hope, and God’s love. Kenisha explains everything, from the inception to the point she met and realized that God is always with her. Her journey to find God despite facing troublesome and challenging situations is a story that will make you rethink your life and eternity. A must-read book, for sure!

Check out this review on Amazon that grabbed my attention to grab her inspiring and life-changing book.

“This book was brought to my attention few hours ago I woke with the intention to have a great day but out of no where thoughts of my failures started to overwhelm me I followed the writer a few days on Instagram and little did I know that this book would be used by God to save my life.”


Number Two: How to Think About God

This book is for the people who believe that there is a God but are not able to think and rationalize the picture of His existence. It will revive your thought of perceiving God and His power. All of this book’s chapters are crafted precisely, and reading it can put you on the pathway to discovering God and His blessings.


Number Three: The Plan

Similar to the book Suicide or Life, this book will also help you to assist yourself and the people in need. It highlights the values and examples of Jesus Christ. It tells how Jesus left his glory to provide us with the path of restoration. It encourages readers to believe in Jesus and assists humanity by living by their side when they need us the most to provide them with a path to restoration, just like Jesus did.