In addition to formal education, picking the correct courses to take will greatly improve your CV & employability. Finding the proper course that fits with your hobbies and career objectives can be really beneficial. You may establish a solid foundation for yourself and advance your career. So, just for you, we've put together a list of the top 10 coolest courses in the world that are worth pursuing. Take a look at it now!



1. Sustainability and renewable energy

In fact, sustainability is a primary goal that millions of companies worldwide are working to attain. Employees should have a fundamental understanding of sustainability in the corporate sector given the growing emphasis on operating cleanly and sustainably.

2. Designing games

Taking a course in game design can be a great decision if playing video games is one of your favorite hobbies! You can not only earn money doing what you enjoy, but you will also learn a variety of skills that will increase your chances of finding employment. Relevantly skilled software developers and video game designers are frequently hired by some of the best companies in the world. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are a few of these.

3. Clinical psychology

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health and wellbeing have received more attention. In order to display effective mental and emotional coping mechanisms, you can acquire a wide range of abilities by pursuing a study in clinical psychology and associated courses. They frequently work for a variety of companies as professionals. Some experts, nevertheless, might even decide to start their own independent practices. A comprehensive range of services offered by psychologists includes precise diagnosis, counseling, and treatment of mental and emotional illnesses.

4. Hospitality and tourism

The hospitality and tourism sector is another that has experienced a rise in economic activity since the COVID-19 pandemic. Both undergraduate and graduate programs at a prestigious university offer courses in hospitality and tourism. Numerous business schools also offer management degrees in hospitality and tourism due to the thriving activities linked with this industry.

5. Epidemiology

Any phase of your life can benefit from understanding the various diseases. The study of the factors that contribute to various illnesses' symptoms and causes is the focus of the epidemiology course. The course also focuses on illness transmission prevention.

6. Journalism

Do you like researching new subjects and writing about various subjects that interest you? If so, you should strongly consider taking a journalistic credential or graduate course. The field of journalism is incredibly fascinating and difficult, and it frequently calls for you to set aside your own biases. A profession as a journalist is extremely rigorous and lucrative, requiring the writer to write and publish factual material as well as undertake research and investigations into various issues.

7. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most well-known professions in the world, and with good reason. In actuality, this industry annually generates a wide range of career opportunities, drawing thousands of experts with pertinent expertise and abilities. Total Expense to study in Canada is low and marketing has great opportunities in Canada.

8. Fine Arts

The phrase "fine arts" refers to artistic expressions that are aesthetically pleasant and visually appealing. It is a field that has established itself as one of the most efficient means of communication globally. A fine arts course is a great method to develop your talent and skills if you have a passion for creativity and enjoy creating novel types of art.

9. Philosophy

Do you enjoy learning about human principles, thought, knowledge, and existence? If so, enrolling in a philosophy course would be a wise choice. It is a subject that includes many different aspects of human understanding and life. But one of the most challenging graduate courses to take is philosophy.

10. Pure mathematics and statistics

The fundamental knowledge that professionals in the business sector need to possess is mathematics and statistics. Organizations and economies do in reality produce data on a daily basis, which is a pretty staggering amount. The creation of such massive amounts of data necessitates experts who are conversant in mathematics and related fields. These experts dissect the data that an organization produces and develop solutions that can really be implemented.

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