Which closet suits you depends on the need for storage space, the space in the room and the desired design. First of all, the crucial question is in which room the wardrobe should be located. Most people find the bedroom the most practical, so they can have their clothes close at hand. But the hallway or a storage room can also be a good place to put a closet. You can buy closets for any room at urbanwardrobes.co.uk

Important in the choice: do you use the cabinet alone?

The decisive factor in the purchase is the question of who will use the cabinet.


For a one-person household or, say, a child's room, a smaller, narrower model is usually sufficient. For a family, several closets or even complete closet walls are usually a possibility. In addition to clothing, other textiles (such as bed linen or towels) can also be stored there. It makes sense for the closet to leave room from the start for possible new purchases.


The average volume per adult is one cubic meter. In terms of closet size, this would be approximately: 200 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 54 cm in depth. If you have a lot of clothes, you should expect a wardrobe with a volume of 1.5 cubic meters or more (220 cm H x 120 cm W x 60 cm D).


The size of the closet depends on the size of the bedroom and the space available. Before purchasing a new closet, be sure to measure the height of the room to the ceiling. There should be at least enough space between the closet and the ceiling to easily wipe off the top of the closet, i.e. about 5 cm.


When considering the depth of the cabinet, you should take into account the space in front of the cabinet. Therefore, carefully measure all parts of the cabinet (drawers, doors) before buying. Make sure there is enough space between the closet and the bed to fully open the drawers .


If you want to put clothes for several people in the closet, it should have plenty of storage space . In any case, the capacity and layout of the closet should fit your needs and be practical in the home. A smaller model is suitable for a single household.


Wardrobe purpose:


  1. Closet (dresses, coats, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, underwear, etc.)
  2. Closet for linens, tablecloths, towels and other home textiles .

Ease of use of the cabinet:


  • The closet does not restrict freedom of movement around the room
  • All areas of the closet are easily accessible
  • Every garment has its own place .
  • Sufficient space in the closet for your closet, winter and summer clothes
  • Bedroom doors and windows are not blocked by the closet


When buying a closet, you should pay attention to the following features :


  • Its size (depending on the necessary storage space and available space)
  • the type of door opening (hinged or sliding doors, simple curtains)
  • material (solid wood or chipboard)
  • with or without a mirror
  • with drawers or baskets
  • with storage compartments and/or clothes rack
  • with trouser rail and drawers
  • storage options
  • with or without shoe compartment 
  • budget 


When furnishing a bedroom, the choice of a closet is of particular importance. The closet is not only a piece of furniture for storing things, it also determines the style of furnishing the room. Therefore, appearance is the most important criterion of choice after functionality. You have a choice!