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Male Masturbator Cup 3 Speeds 5 Frequencies




This vaginal massage masturbator is available in both automatic and manual. And the automatic retraction function makes this toy superior to all manual masturbation products. In addition, its components are simple and easy to remove and install. Can be removed directly and rinsed with water to prevent possible water damage. There are 4 buttons on the handle, which control the speed switch, product startup (automatic heating when the product starts), frequency switch, and voice switch. Simple operation increases the convenience of life.


Male Masturbator Cup,New powerful design, no one knows your secret!

4-frequency and 3 speeds, take care of every inch of your penis.

A single button controls a single function, easy operation.

USB charging, can be used repeatedly.


Size: 300*85*102mm

Material: ABS & TPE.

Power: USB Magnetic Charging.

Rated current ≤ 1800mA

Rated voltage ≤ 3.7V

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