Cisa Test Questions In addition, you may need to realize the five popularity areas for ITG, be familiar with the distinct frameworks, and to moreover realize audit’s characteristic in ITG, to name a few topics. If this seems like a lot, that’s because of the truth it's far. We enormously endorse breaking it down through manner of way of place and place subsections at the same time as you've got got a take a study. Only once you are confident you recognize one place definitely have to you flow into in advance to the following. The re are 13 areas, or subdomains, beneathneath Domain 2 that you have to realize: Corporate Governance IT Governance (ITG) Information Technology Monitoring and Assurance Practices for Board and Senior Management Information Systems Strategy Maturity and Process Improvement Models IT Investment and Allocation Practices Policies and Procedures Risk Management IS manipulate Practices (and 5 sub-areas beneathneath this as well) IS Organizational Structure and Responsibilities Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation Business Continuity Planning Auditing Business Continuity Next, let’s check what is included withinside the 0.33 place. 3. IS Acquisition, Development, and Implementation.


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