The machine connects to your computer or smart phone via bluetooth or with a cable if needed. You can then create your own designs or download designs. Cricut has software called 'Design Space' where you can edit and adapt designs before asking Cricut to cut them out.

You can upload your own designs too! Find out how to upload images to Cricut. in this handy video tutorial.

When your design is ready you simply load your materials, press a button and the setup  has a small blade which moves around the material you are cutting following the lines of the design you have created or downloaded.

The material is secured via a 'sticky' mat so it doesn't move as the blade moves around allowing a perfectly clean cut.

Can I upload my own images with Cricut?

Yes, absolutely! The beauty of a Cricut is that you can create your own unique designs! However, there are also 1000's of files you can either buy as a digital download or even download for free.

The best file format for cricut design space images is an SVG because this image format is made up of lines, which will simply and easily guide your cutting blade around your material.

We've even got our own range of downloadable SVGs here on CraftWorld!

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cricut Joy

There are currently 3 different types of setup Machines and accessories available to buy  and they each offer different features with the more expensive Cricut Maker being able to cut more materials than the cricut design space Explore Air 2 and offer more flexibility (hence the higher price). The Cricut Joy is a great option for smaller projects, especially if you have limited space.  Don't underestimate the little Cricut Joy, it does still offer some fantastic features! Watch a full video tutorial on the Cricut Joy here - Cricut Joy Tutorial. See the comparison chart below.

Create Cricut Account         

  • Go to cricut.Com for setup.
  • Click on the signal in the upper bar.
  • Click "Create a Cricut identity".
  • Enter the required credentials comprised of password, email address call etc.
  • Select the United States of America.
  • terms of assessment.
  • test for the I
  • Agreed container.
  • Hit on the "Create
  • "Identity" tab" tab.
  • Verify account credentials to establish an account cricut log-in.
  • You can download Cricut program for the laptop you are using.
  • Cricut machines use
  • Cricut's layout software , to start any task. Download it by following the steps:
  • To begin, visit the cricut.Com/setup website.
  • pick out your device type, i.E., cutting device.
  • Select the product you want to purchase on the next web page.
  • evaluate the privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Mark on the I
  • Agreed field.
  • Click the download Now button.
  • The next step is to set up.

Are you aware of how to setup Cricut setup using the printer?

Most of the time, cricut is enough to cut and score, cut or score, print and personalize everything you want to do and complete the task. There are times where you may require the use of a printer at home for labels, and other kinds of label. In this scenario you must follow these steps for installing the printer.

  • To begin begin with installing Cricut Design Space through
  • After that, you'll need to log in to Cricut. Cricut account.
  • If you've bought you Cricut equipment for the first time the next step would be required to sign-up with your brand new account. Log in to your account.
  • Select the Cricut machine you're using and click download.
  • You'll need be patient until your installation has been loaded on your system.
  • Then double-click the install.exe file to complete the installation process for software.

After the setup is completed After the setup is completed, the machine will be in the process of making artwork.

Connect your  machine to connect to the printer.

Connect your device to the internet, and connect it to your computer using an USB cable.