Suits were defined by genderless, oversized blazers that hung from widened shoulders. Lingerie dressing was toughened up with crystals and embellishments, and corsets took on protective forms. Cuyana is a womenswear brand that truly believes in quality over quantity. They really encapsulate both of our worlds, Magugu says. It's sexy and innocent in an almost terrifying way. So there is, indeed, a marled gray sweatshirt made in his signature cut, wide with dropped shoulders. From New York to Paris, the garments that designers proposed have a revitalized pragmatism and grace, with none-or at least fewer-of the logos, wacky prints, or gimmicky silhouettes that have defined recent seasons. Newness abounds in textural, chunky knits, with clubby fringe fraying off and cropped space dyed wrap Alexander McQueen Outlet cardigans. Another staple of the city, premium skatewear brand Grand Collection, is a creative group comprised of one of the last true subcultures of the era. bondage silhouettes have inspired countless imitators, but none hold a candle to the original. The versatile design features a packaway hood and the Thomas Burberry Monogram appliqued at the chest. The dark lacquer bottle conveys the sensuality and warmth of the scent and the accompanying campaign. We had one day to do the sketches, to complete the mood boards. Before everything happened, we were preparing a completely different collection. To mark its momentous return, fashion's biggest brands as well as the art world's movers and shakers reunited in Venice for a few days to party, shop, and celebrate the newest iteration of the art installation.