Free CAD Blocks: The 15 Best Sites of 2022

CAD blocks are objects that commonly occur in drawings or 3D models. It’s common practice to use CAD blocks for objects like appliances, doors and windows, electrical fixtures, furniture, and other equipment. This saves the designers a lot of time because they don’t have to draw each chair in a restaurant or every outlet in an apartment complex. They also help maintain consistency within a project. Finally, they reduce the size of project files because every CAD block isn’t duplicated but instanced to every location on the plan. In short, they’re huge time and money savers.To get more news about cad download, you can visit shine news official website.

In order to streamline the search process, many websites have turned into catalogs of downloadable CAD blocks. You’ll just need to choose what you need from the immense selection. Many sites even offer whole collections of free CAD blocks in one file, in case you need the entire set of appliances in a bathroom and not only the sink.
There are both 2D and 3D CAD blocks, but in this article, we focus on the 2D kind. Stick around to find out what your next favorite life-saving CAD block website will be!
Before jumping in, let’s briefly go over the criteria that a good CAD block repository needs to meet:

Many free models: It’s great to have a big selection of models available. The websites have been sorted according to the number of files available for download. However, this can only be a rough assessment of the actual number of CAD drawings, since some sites offer whole collections of free CAD blocks in one file.
Variety of file formats and age: Backward compatibility across different file types and extensions, as well as older formats, is important. The platforms include either a wide variety of formats or specific ones that may be harder to come across on other sites. We’ll mention when a certain website supports an older format that’s retro-compatible.
Easy to navigate: An internal search bar, categorization, and overall user experience are all key features for catalogs. All of the sites selected offer fairly straightforward navigation. For each website, we’ll go over how to navigate the interface and how to look for the desired category.
Now that we’ve set the ground rules and defined what makes the perfect free CAD blocks site, let’s dive right into our top pics.
The focus of BIM Object is a little different from the other repositories on this list. As the name indicates, you will mainly find BIM objects on this site – some 300,000. The files are compatible with major BIM software solutions like Autodesk Revit and Archicad.

It’s very easy to drill down on the kind of free CAD blocks you want on this site. The user can look it up on the search bar, which offers software and project location filters. For a more generic query, there are always the BIM object categories, file types, regions, types, and materials. For those who want to search according to standard classifications, there are files that have been tagged in MasterFormat, OmniClass, and Uniformat.