If you're looking for L shaped bunk beds for your kids' rooms, there are several different types and designs available. If you're looking for something unique, you'll want to shop on Houzz. Here you can browse through a wide variety of Bunk Beds by popular brands and mix and match them to find the perfect design for your space.

There are many benefits to owning an L shaped bunk bed. Not only can it save you space, but it also offers extra storage space and study corners. Plus, it brings your children closer together. Depending on the design, an L shaped bed can sleep up to four people.

The  l shaped bunk bed features a full bed in the top bunk and a twin bed in the lower bunk. Its sturdy wood construction is a plus, with the lower bed holding up to 225 pounds and the top bed up to 300 pounds. It also features seven drawers and a dresser on the bottom bunk. It also comes with a slat kit for the top bed, as well as detachable guardrails.

The  l shaped bunk bed is a sturdy wood design that has plenty of storage space. Its bottom bed supports up to 350 pounds, and the top bunk has a weight limit of 175 pounds. It also has a six-drawer dresser and a four-shelf bookcase. This bed also eliminates the need for a box spring. It is available in two gorgeous finishes.

This four-bed L-shaped bunk bed has four Twin-sized beds. It is perfect for a family with multiple children or for a dorm room with limited space. It is made from solid pinewood and the top bunk bed with slide can support up to 175 pounds. The top bunk also has its own ladder for easy access. It can also accommodate two persons, and it comes with a slat kit.

A  L shaped bunk bed is a fantastic solution for shared bedrooms. It has three separate beds and an angled ladder to reach the top bunk. It also features a desk and storage drawers on one side. It is completely customizable to meet your needs. Some of the models even feature a desk on the bottom bunk.

These bunk beds are available in many different finishes and can be customized to match your room's decor. The cabin-style bunk bed is finished in three neutral shades and has a faux log cabin design. The upper bunk features a full-sized mattress and a ladder to access the top bunk. These beds also have extra storage drawers and shelves.

 l shaped bunk bed
The  l shaped bunk bed is an elegant and roomy option for your child's bedroom. Made of solid wood, it features ample storage space for your child's belongings. The bottom bed is sturdy enough to support up to 350 pounds, and the top bunk can accommodate up to 175 pounds. The set also features a six-drawer dresser and four-shelf bookcase. A built-in box spring is not required with this bed. Available in two beautiful finishes, the  is an excellent choice for a child's bedroom.

This L shaped bed is great for children's rooms or for a family with several children. It's sturdy and made of solid pinewood, which is ideal for children's bedrooms. The top bunk can support up to 175 pounds, and the bottom bunk can accommodate up to 275 pounds. The beds are also equipped with ladders on both sides.

 with angled ladder
An L shaped bunk bed is ideal for kids or siblings sharing a room. Unlike traditional bunk beds, an L-shaped one isn't as likely to move when a person gets in or out of bed. As a result, there is no disruption to the person sleeping below.

This bunk bed includes a full-sized bed on the lower bunk and a lower loft. Its solid wood construction makes it sturdy, and it can support up to 300 pounds on the lower bed and 225 pounds on the top bed. It also features a built-in dresser with seven drawers and detachable guardrails. To further increase safety, the  also comes with a slat kit, allowing it to be used without the need for ladders.

 with dresser
The  with dresser and l - shaped bunk beds is designed with a Full-sized bed on the top level and a twin-sized triple bunk beds on the bottom level. The bed features solid wood construction and can support up to 225 pounds in the top bed and 300 pounds on the lower. In addition, the bed includes a dresser and seven drawers for storage. The  also comes with detachable guardrails and a slat kit.

While L-shaped bunk beds may be a bit difficult to assemble, some manufacturers offer in-home assembly, which makes the process easier. However, the majority of people will have to do it themselves. Some people are particularly concerned about storage, and L-shaped beds with shelves and storage can meet their needs. Some models can even convert into desks.

The  L-Shaped Bunk Bed is a sturdy piece of wood furniture with a warm Merlot lacquered finish. This set of bunk beds comes with a matching dresser. The furniture is made of solid wood, which gives it a long-lasting quality. The sturdy ladder adds another feature to this set.

These L-shaped bunk beds have a right-angled design, offering a unique look to the room. It features a natural finish, as well as slatted headboards and footboards and full safety rails. The upper bunk holds a full-sized mattress and the lower bunk has a twin-sized mattress. It also features built-in drawers and shelves.