Dining Table Set Online: The dining table is the centrepiece of your dining room, and every type has its own benefit. Here are five types of tables and examples when to use them.

Table Size

When it comes to choosing a dining table, size is an important consideration. The table should be big enough to comfortably seat all of your guests, but not so large that it dominates the room. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right sized dining table:

Round tables are ideal for small spaces. They can be easily tucked into a corner or placed in the centre of the room without taking up too much space.

Rectangular tables are a good choice for larger rooms. They can seat more people than round tables and offer a more formal look.

Square tables work well in medium-sized rooms. They provide an intimate setting for conversations and can be used as a buffet table when entertaining guests.

Oval tables are perfect for large families or groups who want to have plenty of elbow room while dining.

Dining Table Shape

There are five basic shapes for dining tables: round, square, rectangle, oval, and octagon. Each has its own unique strengths that make it better suited for different types of gatherings. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of each shape so you can decide which is right for your next dinner party.

Round: A round table is ideal for small groups since everyone can see and reach everyone else easily. It’s also a good choice if you have limited space since it doesn’t need to be pushed up against a wall. On the downside, a round table can feel a little cramped if you have more than six people.

Square: A square table is another good option for small groups since it maximizes seating while still allowing everyone to interact easily. It’s also great if you want to use your dining table as a buffet since there’s plenty of surface area to put out food. However, like a round table, it can feel crowded with more than six people.

Rectangle: If you regularly entertain large groups or want the option to do so in the future, then a rectangle table is likely your best bet. It provides plenty of space for everyone to eat comfortably without feeling too spread out. The only potential downside is that one side may be left open if you don’t have enough chairs to fill all the seats.

Oval: An oval table is similar to a rectangle table

Formal or Casual?

One of the first things you need to consider when shopping for a dining table is the style. Do you want something formal or casual? Formal tables are usually made of wood and have more traditional designs. They're perfect for hosting dinner parties or other special occasions. Casual tables, on the other hand, are usually made of materials like glass or metal and have more contemporary designs. They're great for everyday use and can be easily dressed up or down depending on your needs.

What is the best type of table for you?

There are five main types of dining tables: round, rectangular, square, oval, and pedestal. Each has its own unique characteristics and benefits that make it ideal for different situations. Here is a brief overview of each type of table to help you choose the best one for your needs:

Round Tables: Round tables are perfect for small spaces and intimate gatherings. They promote conversation and can be easily moved around to accommodate different numbers of people.

Rectangular Tables: Rectangular tables are the most versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. They work well in both large and small spaces and can be paired with different types of chairs to create different looks.

Square Tables: Square tables are a great option if you have a small space but still want to seat a lot of people. They can also be used as accent pieces in larger rooms.

Oval Tables: Oval tables are similar to round tables but have a more formal look. They work well in traditional dining rooms or as kitchen breakfast nooks.

Pedestal Tables: Pedestal tables have a more modern look and feel. They work well in contemporary spaces or as an accent piece in more traditional room designs.


Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, but there are five main types that you'll find on the market. Depending on your needs, one type of dining table may be better suited for you than another. We hope this guide has helped you understand the different types of dining tables and when to use them so that you can make the best decision for your home.