Advantages of Robots as a Service

What’s stopping you from using mobile robots (AGVs or AMRs) to boost the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your business? Is it that you can’t afford the capital investment? Or maybe it’s that your company doesn’t have the necessary technical knowledge?To get more news about Robots as a Service, you can visit official website.
These concerns – and many others – are no longer obstacles, thanks to Robots as a Service (RaaS) business model. Simply put, RaaS allows you to deploy mobile robots without buying them – but the continuing value and risk reduction of this approach go much further.
With RaaS, AGVs and other robots are supplied to you through a cloud-based subscription package. It’s a bit like renting them and only paying for the amount of robot time and work that you actually use.

Importantly, the subscription package includes a high level of expert support from the RaaS provider. In addition to supply and AGV maintenance, the contract can cover their deployment, integration and other services which require specialist expertise.
As we will see, another important difference between RaaS arrangement and investing in agvs or leasing agvs is that the Raas provider has very strong incentives to keep improving your business.

Of course, the final agv system return on investment will depend on the definitive

The sophisticated and intelligent mobile robots managed and delivered via RaaS are mainly deployed in warehousing, delivery, manufacturing, cleaning and security applications. RaaS can also be applied to robots with relatively fixed positions, as used in some factory processes, including mobile cobots (collaborative robots).
You may sometimes see Robots as a Service alternatively referred to as Robot as a Service or Robotics as a Service. Its key benefits are explained in more detail below.
The provider will make every effort to keep the robot working quickly and efficiently, as that means greater profit for both companies. Under a RaaS contract, you needn’t worry about the mobile robots depreciating in value or requiring expensive maintenance and repair work.

The provider is responsible for all this, and for disposal of the robot when it reaches the end of its useful life.

RaaS contracts can vary in length. One option available, if you wish to try out AGVs as an experiment, is to agree a very short contract. If the mobile robots meet your expectations, you can then switch to a longer contract at a better rate. If they don’t, you can send them back. The RaaS provider, of course, will work hard to ensure that the robots do improve your business.
Expert technical support from the RaaS provider is another factor that accelerates the process of getting your mobile robots up and running. There is no need for your company to employ and train robot technicians.


Whatever help you need can be written into the contract. The provider is constantly in contact with the robots via cloud connection and can provide services such as remote programming and control, as well as on-site assistance in implementing the AGV solution.